Weifang City (Shandong Province, China) launched the Big Data Center to Navigate the Next Step in Agriculture

On 13th October, 2020, the Big Data Center of National Comprehensive Pilot Agriculture Zone (Weifang) Opening Ceremony was held in National Comprehensive Pilot Agriculture Zone (Weifang) Headquarter Base. Officials from the local government gave speeches, and together with WANG San Shou, Chairman of jusfoun big data Information Group (九次方大数据信息集团有限公司) and others started the operation of the big data center.


The Big Data Center is built as a digital agricultural command center for innovation and promotion of the country development strategies, spurring construction of National Comprehensive Pilot Agriculture Zone (Weifang). It uses big data, AI, cloud computing, blockchain, Internet of Things and other digital technologies to comprehensively improve the modernization of agriculture and rural parts of Weifang making it precise and intelligent. The big data center is mainly composed of government governance platforms, industrial Internet platforms, business trade big data platforms and data platforms for benefiting farmers. In the next step, the big data center will integrate the city's agriculture-related systems and data to build a digital agriculture center covering the entire city to achieve the organic integration of data, systems, and resources. a unified management system and coordination mechanism will be formed to promote the deep integration of digital technology and modern agriculture and countryside, which will provide support for improving the level of agriculture and countryside production, operation, and service, and for realizing the refined, scientific and intelligent government management decision-making mechanism.


At the ceremony, Weifang Nongchuang Group introduced the situation of the big data center in National Comprehensive Pilot Agriculture Zone (Weifang).  Companies including Xi'an Youshi Internet of Things Technology Co Ltd(西安优势物联网科技有限公司), Shandong Caiduofu Agricultural Technology Co Ltd (山东菜多富农业科技有限公司), Zhongyunfu (Shouguang) Intelligent Technology Co Ltd gave speeches and demonstrated the platforms of agriculture and countryside.

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