Huawei releases 3 types of ARM cloud service based on its Kunpeng chip

Dec 10,2019/IDCNOVA news:Huawei announced its release of highest performance ARM-based server-Kunpeng920,as well as the TaiShan server based on Kunpeng920.TaiShan server has been applied in the Huawei Cloud,providing flexible cloud server,bare metal server and cloud cellphone to meet customer’s demand.

ARM flexible cloud server:agile,flexible,3 times faster in performance

Huawei Cloud will release ARM flexible cloud server based on TaiShan,which is 3 times faster in the performance compared with other cloud servers of same specifications.Its ecosystem has been gradually improved,and is compatible with 10+mainstream operation system and 30+enterprise core business application.Meanwhile,it is capable of seamless connection with other cloud resources,completely enjoying its convenience by on-demand utility and flexible shrinkage,providing extreme cost performance for the customers,fulfilling industrial scenario demand of governance-enterprise application,gene sequencing,big data,e-commerce,gaming and so on.

ARM bare metal service:high cost performance,fast distribution at minute level

Compared with the previous case,Huawei cloud bare metal service increased by 50%at the amount of coreness,its mono performance is 3 times ahead of other products,supports the fast distribution at minute level,and provides fast-deployed,on-demand high cost performance ARM bare metal cases for scenarios of big data,cellphone simulation and so on.Based on the Huawei Cloud SDI architect,it can achieve the flexible storage deployment of ARM bare metal server.Moreover,it can integrate multiple professional and high cost performance GPU to meet the demand of high requirements for cellphone simulation density at ARM server.

ARM cloud cellphone service:seamless cloud application of Android,unique one among public cloud

Being a innovative application,cloud cellphone provides the simulation cellphone service based on cloud service via visualized simulation technology application on the ARM server.The cloud cellphone can expand the computing and storage for cellphone and end without limation;conforming user experience can be brought up for different cellphones and end;keeping data at cloud end,thus a safer mobile office solutions are created for the enterprises.

Xu Wenwei,board director and president of strategic marketing of Huawei said that,Qilin 980 chip pushes Huawei ahead for new height of intelligence,products and services based on Shengteng 310 benefit the whole industry,at present,Kunpeng 920 will bring up computing to a multiple core and varied architect era.Upon the lasting accumulation and continuous innovation,Huawei will work hard and build up a interconnected intelligent world together with customer and partners.

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