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Ningxia introduced 32 innovative policies to accelerate the construction of Ningxia hub

The Ningxia Hub, the national hub node of the national integrated computing power network, is one of the 8 national computing power hub nodes. It is not only a national computing power guarantee base, but also a strategic resource and public infrastructure supporting the future economic and social development of the region. Since the approval of construction in December 2021, the district has seized this major opportunity and made every effort to promote the construction of the Ningxia hub. Up to now, 29 key projects have been implemented, with a total investment of over 50 billion yuan, and the investment in 2022 is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan .

On August 9, the reporter learned from the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region that in order to further accelerate the construction of the Ningxia hub with a high starting point, high standard and high quality, we will make every effort to create a "Western Digital Valley", and form a number of typical demonstration scenarios of "Eastern Data and Western Computing" , build a high-quality computing power guarantee base for the whole country. Our district recently issued "Several Policy Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Ningxia Hub, a National Hub Node of a National Integrated Computing Power Network", aiming at supporting the construction of Ningxia hub, and comprehensively considering the policy system 32 innovation policies were proposed in terms of nature, science, and operability.


With the advantages of energy, climate and location, the "Policy Opinions" put forward a series of "real money" support policies. It is proposed that the regional finance will arrange 100 million yuan of general bond funds every year to support the construction of major infrastructure of data center clusters. The projects supported by special funds for national hub nodes will be provided according to a maximum of 10% of the national subsidy fund, with a maximum of 20 million yuan.. For those that meet the special requirements of the state but have not received state funding subsidies, each enterprise will be given a maximum of 10 million yuan of financial support.

The enterprises meeting the following requirements will be supported with maximum reward is not more than 100 yuan/square meter, and the maximum subsidy for each enterprise is not more than 10 million yuan, depending on the construction area of the data center. For the data centers meeting the following requirements with a localization rate of more than 90% of basic software and hardware, enterprises will be rewarded with a maximum of 10 million yuan.


l  The independent accounting enterprises registered in the zone

l  The newly built data centers with an investment of more than 100 million yuan and adopting the national green data center standards,

l  The measured annual average PUE value is lower than 1.2,

Support the "enclave" economy. Encourage enterprises to set up digital economy "enclaves" in the eastern region, and organize the identification of "enclave" demonstration parks. For enterprises with advantages such as big data and cloud computing settled in the district, 20% of the actual investment can be subsidized within three years, with a maximum of no more than 3 million yuan.



For the world's top 500 enterprises, China's top 500 enterprises, China's top 500 service enterprises, China's top 500 private enterprises, and the top 30 big data and cloud computing leading enterprises in the domestic industry segment have been identified by authoritative organizations, and established national headquarters, regional headquarters or functional headquarters in Ningxia, will be provided with an one-time settlement reward of no more than 1 million yuan if the actual investment is 50 million yuan and above and the operating income exceeds 10 million yuan. Newly recognized national high-tech enterprises or local enterprises with annual operating income exceeding 30 million yuan will be given a one-time reward of not more than 1 million yuan. For the big data and cloud computing companies registered in the zone, listed on the main board, the Growth Enterprise Market or the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and the Beijing Stock Exchange, each company will be gradually rewarded 10 million yuan in stages.

Enterprises are encouraged to carry out basic research on big data, cloud computing and software technologies. For projects that break through core key technologies and develop innovative products, subsidies of no more than 30% of the total project R&D investment, with a maximum of no more than 10 million yuan. For the demonstration projects, excellent products, solutions, etc. obtained by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the autonomous region's informatization field, there will be a one-time reward of no more than 20% will be given, with a maximum of no more than 2 million yuan, depending on the actual investment in software and hardware,

In terms of cost reduction and tax reduction, the "Policy Opinions" clarifies that for independent accounting companies registered in the district to use the computing power services of the data center in the cluster, the service fee will be subsidized by 30% of the contract amount, with a maximum of 200,000 yuan. Enterprises such as big data and cloud computing enjoy the autonomous region's policy of reducing electricity costs for advantageous industries. For big data and cloud computing enterprises invested and established in the zone that meet the preferential tax conditions for the Western Development, in addition to levying corporate income tax at a reduced rate of 15%, the preferential period will be calculated from the tax year when the first production and operation income is obtained. The local share of income tax is "three exemptions and three half reductions".

In order to attracting the talents, the "Policy Measures" propose that a monthly subsidy of 5,000 yuan, and a settling allowance of 260,000 yuan will be paid to full-time workers with a full time Doctor degree. A monthly subsidy of 3,000 yuan will be issued to the full-time master's degree in key disciplines of key universities introduced full-time. Enterprises who flexibly introduce talents to work in Ningxia for more than 2 months each year and have achieved outstanding results in the construction of the Ningxia hub will be awarded 30% of the salary paid by the enterprise, with a maximum of 500,000 yuan per year no more than 3 years.

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