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A Total Investment of 350 million yuan was signed for the Shiyan Industrial Big Data Center project

On November 20, at the opening ceremony of the 2021 China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference, Shiyan Economic Development Zone and Liangao Exhibition (Shiyan) Co., Ltd. signed an investment agreement for the Shiyan Industrial Big Data Center project. The project has a total investment of 350 million yuan, including the construction of 1,118 standard racks, an intelligent digital exhibition hall and a big data operation and maintenance center.


According to reports, the Shiyan Industrial Big Data Center project signed this time is located in the Shiyan Economic Development Zone, which is a digital economy fundamental project for the Shiyan Economic Development Zone to initiate the construction of a smart park demonstration project. The original plan was to invest 80 million yuan in total. This time, Shanghai Liangao Group will invest an additional 270 million yuan to build an better industrial big data center and accelerate the provision of basic computing power and storage support for the transformation of the automotive industry.


Liu Peng, director of Shanghai Liengao Group and chairman of Liengao Exhibition (Shiyan) Co., Ltd., said: “The original plan for the third phase was five to six hundred sets of racks. At present, the total number of the third phase will exceed 1,000 sets of racks. In Shiyan and even the northwestern Hubei region, our basic computing power and storage capacity can be the best in the short term.”


It is reported that the first phase of the Shiyan Industrial Big Data Center was completed in July this year and officially put into operation. After the third phase of the project is completed, it can be used as a full-chain data service platform such as data storage and cloud computing, laying a solid data foundation for the future intelligent upgrade of factories.


At the same time, the Shiyan Industrial Big Data Center project will give full play to the advantages of 5G technology and big data, promote the application of 5G technology in the industrial Internet, cultivate 5G+ industrial Internet industrial clusters and digital parks, and make full use of new technologies such as  the IoT, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain to promote the Lin'an Smart Park to build an industrial chain, innovation chain and service chain, and build a "park brain + park data center + park base + park fund + park laboratory" with Lin'an characteristics. The integrated big data ecosystem of the park promotes the transformation and development of Lin'an Park into the digital field.

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