China’s Guizhou Province launched its big data talent cloud platform

On December 26,the first big data industry talent service cloud platform of southwest China’s Guizhou province--"Guizhou big data talent cloud"was officially launched for trial operation.

The platform will promote the deep integration of big data and human resources by establishing an open talent service system with clear functions,unified norms,convenience and efficiency,so as to provide data support for talent gathering,management and service of big data.

With further big data strategy implementation in Guizhou,the demand for talents is becoming more and more eager,the lacking of big data talent emerges,as a comprehensive talent introduction,management and service platform,"Guizhou big data talent cloud"mainly focus on big data service personnel,industry and local economy for the operating direction,planning the configuration of talents,talents growth,talent map,talent pool,talent profile,talent services and big data in Guizhou at seven major areas.

The construction of Guizhou big data talent cloud is not only an innovative exploration to promote the integration of'Internet+talent'and the substantial economy,but also a systematic experiment of opening and sharing of talent data,innovative application,resource circulation,and domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation.The platform aims to to give full play to their strengths,conduct big data and data collection,cleaning and industry demand analysis work,dig big data resources integration,to create accurate service in Guizhou Province and provide a solid guarantee of intelligence.

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