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DC Introduction | China Aviation Cloud (中航云) Nansha Data Center

China Aviation Cloud Nansha Data Center is a key project of Guangdong Province and a key project of Guangzhou's "14th Five-Year Plan". It is located in the geographical center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area - the Dagang Advanced Manufacturing Base in Nansha District, Guangzhou. It is supported by both policy and economic benefits. At a new starting point, China Aviation Cloud Data Center relies on a new data center with high energy efficiency and high security and a complete operating system to provide strong support for the digital transformation of the industry and help the digital economy achieve high-quality development.


About China Aviation Cloud (中航云)


China Aviation Cloud has rich experience in the construction and operation of ultra-large-scale data centers. At present, it has built and operated data centers with an IT capacity of 130MW in the core areas of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area—Guangzhou, Foshan and Shenzhen. The IT capacity of data centers in core areas such as Triangle and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei reaches 700MW, aiming to provide reliable basic communication facilities and integrated services of "cloud, network, and data" for customers at home and abroad.

As a new type of data center under the development strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China Aviation Cloud's infrastructure standards meet the national A-level and international T3+ standards, and the design PUE is lower than 1.3.


China Aviation Cloud Nansha Data Center 

As one of the largest single-scale new data centers in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, it covers an area of 24,569 square meters and a capacity area of 100,000 square meters. There are 5 buildings in total, one office building, three data center buildings, and one power building. A total of 8,000 6.5KW racks are designed and arranged in the data center, providing high-standard standard computer room modules and customized computer rooms.

The Appearance of the Power Building: the high-voltage room on the first floor is equipped with Schneider high-voltage ring network cabinets, the second, third and fourth floors are equipped with 1800KW Caterpillar high-voltage generator sets, and the ceiling is equipped with Yigomei (益高美) cooling water tower.

In the part of the computer room, the computer room adopts a closed design of cold and hot aisles. The cold air is sent from the cold aisle and enters the hot aisle through the cabinet server, so that the air flow is stable, the cold and heat are isolated, and the cooling efficiency of the cabinet is improved.

Design concept: future-oriented green data center

The construction of China Aviation Cloud Nansha Data Center has the "future-oriented" design idea, and builds a modern data center with reasonable layout, safety, reliability, sustainable development, advanced facilities, and environmental protection.

The data center has high utilization rate, the flexible arrangement of equipment, and the computer room is designed according to standardization and modularization. It adopted distributed power supply, and transformers and their low-voltage systems are installed on each floor for the power consumption of the modular machine room on the floor. In this way, it can meet the needs of different customers, reduce busbar investment, reduce the distance of power supply at the end, and greatly reduce the loss of lines, which could help to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

The data center adopts high reliability design standards for each system. The high-voltage system uses dual-circuit power supply of the substation dedicated line, and the oil storage capacity of the diesel generator set can run at full power for 12 hours. The design of the high-reliability system enables the data center to have reasonable redundancy and disaster backup capabilities.

The design and operation of the data center fully implement the principles of "carbon neutral" sustainable development, green environmental protection, and emission reduction. The curtain wall construction adopts advanced photovoltaic power generation glass technology, and uses solar power to generate electricity for use in the data center. It can save 250,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year and provide low-carbon, green and renewable energy for data centers.

Product Brand: High-end Mature Brand Infrastructure is the Key

The data center has extremely high security and reliability, and it needs to ensure continuous and reliable operation 24 hours a day. Infrastructure is the most critical part to achieve IT security and reliability. High-end brand equipment meets the requirements of low electromagnetic interference, low carbon energy saving, safety and high efficiency, low energy consumption, and intelligence, and fully embodies the concept of green, low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.


China Aviation Cloud Data Center adopts internationally renowned brands, such as the original Schneider switchgear used in the electrical system to ensure the operation of the dual-circuit external power supply. It adopts the Caterpillar diesel generator set to ensure the reliability and safety of the backup power supply. Caterpillar, EBM and other brand equipment in the HVAC system help to guarantee the cooling system reliability.

Power guarantee: Self-investment and self-built substations ensure power supply reliability

In order to reduce the power supply radius of the power line, reduce the investment and line loss of the 10kV outgoing line of the substation, AVIC Cloud invested and built a 110kV substation. The scale of substation planning is three 63MVA three-phase double-winding on-load tap-changing transformers. It can not only meet the needs of the load development of the China Aviation Cloud data center project, but also bring the substation closer to the IT load center of the data center computer room, adjust the power supply range of each substation in the area, optimize the grid structure, and improve the economic operation capacity of the grid. At the same time, it strengthens the 10kV connection between regional 110kV substations, enhance mutual power support capabilities in case of failure and maintenance, and improve the reliability of power supply in the data center, so that the power supply of the data center and surrounding areas will be safer and more reliable, and the operation will be more flexible. Power flow distribution more reasonable.

Operation and maintenance: intelligent operation and maintenance benchmarking domestic and foreign first-class level

China Aviation Cloud has a self-developed data integration platform system, real-time monitoring and feedback equipment and computer room data, real-time updating data, timely response, to ensure the stability and safety of business equipment. China Aviation Cloud benchmarks the technology and industry related to intelligent operation and maintenance of domestic and foreign data centers, strengthens technical and industrial exchanges and cooperation related to intelligent operation and maintenance of domestic and foreign data centers, and continuously improves the standardization, automation and intelligence of infrastructure operation and maintenance.

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