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21Vianet Executive Personnel Changes: SHEN Yuanqing Stepped Down as Rotating CEO, and the Group President DONG Jie Took Over

On September 16, 21Vianet, a leading digital new infrastructure and China's first US-listed IDC company, announced that Mr. SHEN Yuanqing will officially step down as the rotating CEO of 21Vianet Group from September 16, 2022 due to personal career planning. With the position of executive chairman of Internet Technology, Mr. DONG Jie, president of 21Vianet Group and CEO of Internet Capital, will be promoted to the new rotating CEO of the group. At the same time, Mr. SHEN Yuanqing will continue to serve as the company's senior consultant, and will help the company's strategy deepening and executive talent echelon training with a new role.


Since joining 21Vianet for more than two years, Mr. SHEN Yuanqing has led the company to accelerate the development of retail IDC business. With retail cabinets as the core, he has built product lines such as network products, hybrid cloud, bare metal and operation and maintenance management to fully meet the different life cycles of customers. digital transformation needs. In April 2021, under the vigorous promotion of Mr. Shen Yuanqing, 21Vianet formally established the new infrastructure technology subsidiary "Internet Technology" to accelerate the group's transformation from a resource-based to a "resource + technology" enterprise. In July of the same year, Mr. Shen Yuanqing led the strategic investment team to successfully acquire Shisuyun,(时速云), a leading enterprise in the cloud native field, helping the company achieve a breakthrough in the field of cloud computing. In addition to consolidating business development, Mr. SHEN Yuanqing also pays great attention to the improvement of the group's brand value. 21Vianet has successfully held the "China IDC Industry Discovery Conference" in the industry for two consecutive years, which further strengthened the company's industry influence and cohesion, and the 26-year-old brand also glows with new vitality and new vitality.


During Mr. SHEN Yuanqing's tenure, the company's business operations and financial performance have maintained steady growth. The total number of cabinets has rapidly increased from 44,000 to over 80,000, and the cabinet resources have achieved leapfrog development. In addition, under the close cooperation and active promotion of Mr. Shen Yuanqing and Group CFO Mr. Chen Junhua, 21Vianet has focused on introducing strategic investments from the world's top funds including Singapore Sovereign Fund (GIC), Blackstone, Goldman Sachs and Fidelity in the past two years.  The new capital of the asset-heavy segment exceeded RMB 10 billion, which demonstrates strong development resilience.


Mr. CHEN Sheng, founder of 21Vianet, said: "I am very grateful to Samuel (SHEN Yuanqing) who devoted himself to the development of the company during his tenure and made important contributions. Under his leadership, 21Vianet's performance growth and brand value have not been improved. We look forward to his continued support of the company's development in his senior advisor position, and we sincerely wish him the best in the future."


"I am very grateful for the platforms and opportunities provided by 21Vianet in the past. I also cherish the days that I have fought side by side with you in the past two years. Especially the founder CHEN Sheng, as an IDC veteran, has always inspired me and every employee of the company. Regrettably, I can no longer continue with you due to personal career development. But I believe that 21Vianet will get better and better, and the new CEO DONG Jie will definitely lead the company to a new stage of development "SHEN Yuanqing responded.



At the same time, 21Vianet announced that Mr. DONG Jie (Jeff Dong), the president of the group, was promoted to the rotating CEO. Mr. DONG Jie holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom. With more than 15 years of investment experience, he is mainly responsible for domestic and overseas investment in real asset equity such as TMT, new energy and new infrastructure. Mr. Dong Jie successively worked in the alternative asset management platforms of BCG, China Construction Bank Investment, China Investment Corporation and China Taiping Insurance Group. During this period, he built alternative asset investment portfolios and was responsible for strategic management, with a total investment scale of more than 10 billion US dollars. Mr. DONG Jie served as the group's rotating CEO, continuing to firmly implement the group's strategy, while also contributing to the company's attempts and breakthroughs in the asset management business in the field of infrastructure, especially digital new infrastructure.


"I am very pleased that DONG Jie has taken over as the rotating CEO of the Group. We also believe that his extensive industry insight and deep investment expertise will continue to deepen the development of the 'twin engine' strategy, and promote the sustainable growth of the company's business and create long-term benefits for shareholders. Value." CHEN Sheng said.


As an established third-party neutral data center enterprise in China, 21Vianet has been leading the industry development and creating many firsts since its establishment 26 years ago. In 2020, 21Vianet took the lead in implementing the management rotation mechanism in the IDC industry, expecting to transform personal ability into organizational ability through systematic arrangement, give full play to the overall efficiency of the company, and stimulate the vitality of all employees. Two years ago, Mr. SHEN Yuanqing served as the rotating CEO of the group, and this time he successfully completed the handover. In the future, 21Vianet will adhere to the continuous innovation of the company's management system and governance system, further enhance the combat effectiveness of all employees, and stimulate the innovative vitality of the organization.

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