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Kominfo pushes for comprehensive AI regulation

January 29, 2024, Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Communication and Informatics Ministry (Kominfo) is pushing for a comprehensive regulation on artificial intelligence (AI) as compliance with the ministerial circular No. 9/2023 concerning AI Ethics is not mandatory.


The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) is currently drafting a presidential regulation on AI, which is expected to be passed into law, Kominfo's director general of public information and communication, Usman Kansong, said at the "AI and Media Sustainability" forum.


"We encourage making regulations (on AI) in this country. It has been initiated by BRIN. It is drafting a presidential regulation on AI," he noted.


According to him, BRIN's move to draft a presidential regulation is appropriate considering that Indonesia has issued the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence for 2020–2045, which includes AI ethics and policies.


"It is appropriate that BRIN starts preparing the presidential regulation, which imitates the publisher rights (regulation). We hope this will become a law soon," he said.


He informed that the European Union (EU) has agreed on a law on AI that will take effect in 2026. The law will require the developers of artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT and others, to comply with the transparency obligation, for instance, they will need to include the name of the sources they cite, before publishing content.


"The EU law on AI will only take effect in 2026, (but the) technology will have developed two years later, but it is okay than not doing anything," he said.


A comprehensive regulation on AI is being encouraged as most digital platforms cite news from conventional media without permission and monetize it.


Kansong said that the regulation on publisher rights may not be enough to resolve this problem, especially digital problems that use AI.

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