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Alibaba Cloud launches global Gen AI course

Cloud service provider Alibaba Cloud has made its Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate (ACA) Generative AI Engineer course available to global customers, partners and developers from May this year.

Developed by the Alibaba Cloud Academy, the course teaches fundamental 6 knowledge about the technology, covering topics from its roots in machine learning to natural language processing, encoder-decoders to generative adversarial networks, to leveraging models via retrieval-augmented generation,agents and more.

The course aims to equip 10,000 – 20,000 learners worldwide with basic AI knowledge by the end of 2024. Users will learn to deploy generative AI (Gen AI) applications on Alibaba Cloud platforms. Upon course completion, they will obtain an ACA certificate.

“ Our ACA Generative AI Engineer course aims to help customers, partners, developers and users of various backgrounds globally to really unlock that potential and drive tomorrow ’ s digital agenda, ” Alibaba Cloud Intelligence international business president Selina Yuan said.

Since April 2023, over 60,000 people received training certificates through Alibaba Cloud’s talent development initiatives.

Recently, Alibaba Cloud launched its first Training Center in Singapore, partnering with Trainocate Singapore to offer courses such as cloud computing and AI. The center empowers local customers, partners and instructors with knowledge sharing opportunities and organizes events that champions university-industry collaboration. Besides Training Centers for seasoned professionals to enhance their skills, Alibaba Cloud has Skills Center for students who are still learning the basics.

In February 2024, Alibaba Cloud and Universiti Malaya launched the Alibaba Cloud academy Skills Center and its first internship program to cultivate the next generation of leaders and talent in Malaysia.

Last year, the Skills Center in Thailand was launched in partnership with the Office of Academic Resources of Chulalongkorn University, offering students and the public access to free training courses, bootcamps, AI competition opportunities and leadership development programs.

In Hong Kong, Alibaba Cloud developed a joint talent empowerment program with Kornerstone Hong Kong to establish a Training Center. The company also partnered 7 with The University of Hong Kong Business School to launch the first cloud computing credit course for undergraduate students.

In Indonesia, Alibaba Cloud has built partnerships with universities such as Binus University, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Universitas Pendidikan Manadalika and Universitas Pelita Harapan.

Alibaba Cloud plans to expand the reach of its Skills Centers and Training Centers to more markets in Asia and Europe this year.

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