Big data promotes policy tracking audit in China’s county level city

In recent years,the audit bureau of the county level Gaomi City of weifang City,shandong province (hereinafter referred to as the bureau) has always been focusing on the major policy measures to implement the track audit,continue to focus on the bottleneck problems affecting the city's economic and social development,actively push forward big data as the core audit informatization construction,and has obtained the good effect.

Check the data and define the scope of audit

Through consulting relevant materials of finance,housing and construction departments,we can understand the policies and regulations formulated and implemented by the municipal government in implementing policies related to low-income housing projects,and master the management of access and exit mechanisms of insured objects.

Comprehensive collection and improvement of audit efficiency

Since the data of each unit are not shared in real time,the bureau has collected 21 core data tables of 10 departments,including the business data such as the distribution and rent of the real housing,the distribution of rent subsidies,etc.,and strung scattered information into a"chain"and woven into a"network".

Flexible application,form the audit focus

From payment and size,structure,management,usage,etc,the bureau made a model of five types of data analysis on house renovation fund,public housing and low-rent housing and rent subsidies,combined with tax and other peripheral data correlation analysis,formed the doubtful point model,accurately find the audit investigation,reveal and reflect the comfortable housing project.

Analyze and report the audit results

In view of the audit findings of the system and mechanism,engineering projects and important problems in the management of funds to report to the municipal government in a timely manner,and analyze the underlying causes of the problems,put forward a number of operable audit opinions and suggestions for the leadership decision-making provides a reliable basis.

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