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Co-innovating for the future: Microsoft and Informatica’s game- changing collaboratio

Microsoft Corp. and Informatica Inc. have built a robust partnership rooted in coinnovation and delivering exceptional value. Their latest collaboration, Azure Native ISV Services, exemplifies this synergy by enabling Azure users to seamlessly access Informatica’s powerful data management tools directly from their Azure consoles.

“You find the whole suite — Informatica Data Management Cloud,” said Alvaro Celis (pictured, middle), vice president of global ISV commercial solutions at Microsoft. “You can have a serverless offering that will allow you to have tons of value. It just reflects how much we co-innovate in service of the customer and try to have that seamless experience where you can be in the Azure environment and still access Informatica value-added servic

Celis and Gopi Sankaran (pictured), VP of strategic cloud ecosystems at Informatica, spoke with theCUBE Research’s Rebecca Knight and Rob Strechay at Informatica World, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. They discussed the Microsoft-Informatica partnership, how the partnership benefits its clients and how Informatica integrates with Azure and Microsoft Fabric. (* Disclosure below.) Preparing for the next generation of data managements.

The partnership brings more than just Microsoft Azure integration. Beyond supporting the major cloud provider, Informatica brings critical data management 9 capabilities to the analytics platform Microsoft Fabric, according to Sankaran. “There is a team at Microsoft who develop for Informatica, enabling certain sockets, which helps our joint customers to use services like advanced serverless for data integration, for data quality, all this stuff,” he said. “What does it do? It helps … the customer to have that seamless experience.

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Co-innovating for the future: Microsoft and Informatica’s game- changing collaboratio
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