World’s first 2.6GHz frequency 5G indoor digital system launched by China Mobile

Dec 7,2019/IDCNOVA news:the first 5G indoor digital system based on 2.6GHz frequency spectrum in the world has been launched at Lushanlu Service Hall,China Mobile,in eastern China’s Nanjing City by China Mobile Jiangsu Branch and Huawei.

The above mentioned service was deployed with Huawei LampSite indoor digital system and 100M NR of 4T4R based on 2.6GHz,realizing the commercial CPE connection,which supports full 160M bandwidth of 2.6GHz and capable of releasing multiple frequencies of 1.8/2.3/2.6GHz and as signal systems of 5G/GSM/TDD/FDD,so as to ensure the customer experience under ultra-heavy telephone traffic flow scenario.

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