Xinyang Government and Henan Unicom, Signed Agreement to Build a National Cloud Disaster Recovery Base and Xinyang Zhongyuan Data Sub-center

On 5th November, 2020, the signing ceremony of the "5G + Cloud Disaster Recovery Data Center" - Smart City Strategic Cooperation between Xinyang Municipal Government and Henan Unicom was held at the Municipal Administrative Center. SHANG Chaoyang, Mayor of Xinyang, LI Zhengjun, Deputy Mayor of Xinyang, WEI Haibo, Party Secretary and General Manager of Henan Unicom, and ZHANG Hongtao, Deputy Manager of Henan Unicom, attended the signing ceremony.


SHANG Chaoyang said in his speech that in recent years, Xinyang has taken the promotion of 5G construction as an important strategic initiative to enhance the independent innovation capabilities, promote industrial upgrading, and improve social governance efficiency. There is nearly 2,000 5G base stations have been built in total, achieving continuous coverage of 5G network signals in the main urban areas of cities and counties, and cover the key industries based on the demand. This contract is for accelerating the implementation of local new infrastructure project, supporting the construction of “5G + Cloud Disaster Recovery Data Center” and new smart city infrastructure, build a national cloud disaster recovery base, a national cloud disaster recovery data core node, and Xinyang Zhongyuan Data Sub-center, and helped Xinyang City with a high-quality development in a digital economy to build a higher-level smart city. We hope that Henan Unicom will continue to support the development of Xinyang's 5G industry and accelerate the deployment and improvement of 5G network and data center capacity building. We will earnestly implement the cooperation agreement, actively cooperate in opening up public resources, assisting in the selection of 5G base stations and project sites, and creating benchmark application scenarios, so as to accumulate momentum and empowerment to promote more industrial reforms and sustainable economic and social development.


He also said in his speech that this signing event is a practical action to thoroughly learn and implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party. It is also a practical action to seize the historical opportunities of industrial digitalization and digital industrialization and take the initiative to deploy data centers and other strategic emerging industries. As the leader of the country's new infrastructure construction, 5G carries basic information connection functions in fields such as artificial intelligence, big data centers, and industrial Internet. Henan Unicom has been actively serving the development of local economic and social informatization in Xinyang. With the strong support of Xinyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, cooperation in the fields of smart Xinyang, e-government, smart party building, education informatization, and public security has been deepened. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties will continue to leverage their respective advantages, accelerate the implementation of local new infrastructure projects, promote the high-quality development of Xinyang through the digital economy, and jointly build Xinyang into a higher-level city of wisdom, vitality, and innovation. city.


It is reported that in this strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will further expand the areas of cooperation. Relying on Henan Unicom's industrial application capabilities in 5G+ smart cities, smart healthcare, smart tourism, smart industry, smart education, etc., the two parties will have in-depth cooperation in 5G construction projects with project applications, government cloud project, the "dual gigabit broadband city" project, and the rural revitalization network quality improvement project.

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