Articles of Association of IDCNova Club

Articles of Association of IDCNova Club

Article I The name of the club shall be IDCnova Club (hereinafter referred to as the Club). The Club shall be initiated and managed by IDCnova ( as a global member service organization for data center service providers in the world to achieve communication and cooperation.

Article II Objectives of the Club shall include accelerating the progress of overseas layout and selection projects of Chinese enterprises, promoting the global service providers to have an in-depth understanding of China and other emerging markets, grasping the data center resource demand environment in emerging markets, providing the members with full life-cycle consulting service, and connecting customers, partners, capital and government to facilitate industry collaboration.


Scope of Services

Article III The services provided by the Club to member units shall include:

(1) Information support

1. Provide the interpretation of local policies to ensure that members have accurate understanding of relevant local laws and regulations;

2. Members may buy regional industry annual report with 20% discount to provide them with accurate industry analysis and insights;

3. Regularly issue the briefings on overseas data center layout requirements of Chinese and emerging market enterprises on a monthly basis.

(2) Media support

1. Organize the local medias, such as China IDC and IDCNova, etc., to conduct exclusive interview with leaders of member enterprises once to increase the corporate and personal brand awareness;

2. Provide member publicity services of twelve months of homepage logo display, industry directory inclusion and the publishing right of five propaganda articles in case of publicizing and displaying on local media, such as China IDC and IDCNova, etc.

(3) Activity support

1. Organize many activities, such as membership salon, overseas study tour and private board of directors, etc., to expand the communication channels of member units;

2. Organize visiting activities of well-known member units to closely communicate, cooperate and publicize with the enterprises in the same industry;

3. Provide member units with the supply & demand interpretation of customers in China and emerging markets, and docking activities (including both online and offline activities).

(4) Expert support (paid as required)

1. A strong team of experts and consultants shall provide member units with full guidance on market entry and expansion;

2. The industry analysts and investment and financing consultants shall provide one-on-one professional services.


Codes for Members

Article IV Admission procedure of member units

(1) The member representative of DIGITAL INTELLIGENCE INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED shall negotiate and sign the technical service contract, and the membership dues shall be paid;

(2) Fill in the admission application form and send it to the email of Member Development Department:, and become a formal member of IDCnov Member Club after getting membership card issued by IDCnova.

Article V Obligations of member units

(1) Actively participate in online interaction and offline activities of members;

(2) Abide by local laws and regulations. Do not make improper remarks;

(3) Abide by the articles of association of the Club and safeguard the corporate image;

(4) Update the member information timely in case of changes, and notify the member representative of of IDCnova.

Article VI Disqualification of membership in case of violations

IDCnova shall have the right to disqualify the membership of member units in case of violations as follows:

(1) Seriously violate the local national laws and regulations;

(2) Cause major hidden dangers to the survival and development of the Club;

(3) Cause serious damage to the partner and the Club due to the lack of good faith, provision of false information in the process of applying for the membership and adoption of deceptive measures in business cooperation.

Article VII Change and termination of membership

(1) The real-name system shall be adopted for the member units, and the membership shall not be transferred or inherited;

(2) The paid membership dues shall not be refunded in case of disqualification due to violations.


Standard & Payment of Membership Dues

Article VIII Regarding the standard and payment of membership dues, the member of IDCnovaClub shall paid the membership dues of $ 9,800 / year.

Article IX Membership dues shall be paid annually. Member service period shall be 12 months from the date of payment of membership dues. Regular members shall pay the membership dues 2 weeks in advance, and shall be automatically disqualified in case of failure to pay the membership dues within two weeks of membership service deadline.

Service content

Service description    


Brand publicity


Provide VIP   membership card for enterprises


Media services

Interview the   leaders

Interview the   corporate executives and write articles to publish   in China IDC website and update in IDCnova.

2 times

Publish   advertorials

The articles   provided by enterprises shall publish in China IDC website and update in   IDCnova. The excellent articles may be reprinted by multiple medias in IT   industry.

No more than 5   articles

Homepage logo display

Display the   corporate logo on the homepage of China IDC website and link it to the   official website of member units.

1 year

Data Center   Service Provider Directory

Data center   service providers shall be introduced and recommended to the industry   directory of China IDC website.



1 time

Data center   inclusion

Include to   China IDC website and and introduce to IDC information collection data   center.

1 time

Services for corporate executives

Industry   experts

Recommend the   corporate executives to join industry authoritative organizations (such as   Data Center Elite Club, and Data Center International Cooperation Promotion   Association) as the industry experts.


Investigation and study

The member   shall bear the travel expenses for his/her investigation and study at home   and abroad


VIP through   ticket of conference

Conference   organized or co-organized by China IDC and IDCnova


Product services

Data Center International Masters Lecture   Series


Interpretation of layout   demand of Chinese Enterprises in the overseas data center (monthly)


Docking   between two parties for the deployment demand of Chinese Enterprises in the   overseas data center

Consulting service shall be charged   separately.

Purchase the   regular annual report (Standard Edition) with 20% discount.




Interpretation of layout demand of Chinese Enterprises in the overseas data center (monthly): As a professional data center industry media, IDCnov actively participates in the emerging global markets, focuses on nearly 1,000 domestic data centers, cloud computing and top 100 Internet enterprises, carefully understands the dynamics of nearly 300 overseas enterprises and tracks the overseas strategic layout of related enterprises on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis throughout the process. We will provide the interpretation of demand dynamics collected during the month in the form of a document, as well as issue it to the members.

Based on the interpretation of monthly demand report above, member units may conduct in-depth docking to meet the demand of their own resources. We will conduct demand docking between Party A and Party B, narrow the communication dimension between the two parties and actively promote the breadth and depth of cooperation between the two parties. (Consulting service shall be charged separately.)


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