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The First Pilot Project of Green Electricity Direct Transmission Data Center in Guangdong Province was Launched

China Mobile Yuedong Data Center located in Nanshan Bay Industrial Park

Recently, Shantou Mobile launched the first green electricity direct data center pilot project in Guangdong Province. The project is based on the Guangdong Mobile Guangdong East Data Center located in Nanshanwan Industrial Park, Haojiang District, and uses Shantou's unique coastal wind energy to convert it into electricity. Build a "new infrastructure + new energy" data green wind energy center to help Shantou's new energy industry.


High energy consumption has always been one of the key bottlenecks restricting the construction and development of the digital economy. In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Green Data Centers". The China Mobile (Shantou) Party Committee, based on the spirit of the opinions, combined with its own resources and technical advantages, formed a comprehensive commando team of party members in relevant professional branch branches to target Guangdong. East Data Center launched a green infrastructure intelligent management system efficiency improvement project.


China Mobile (Shantou) has set up 300,000 data measuring points, and implemented continuous fine monitoring and adjustment of the electromechanical equipment in the center, which effectively reduced the PUE value (power consumption rate). At the same time, combined with data support, a large number of energy-saving electromechanical equipment is used in the data center to ensure the safe operation of the cooling system. On the basis of high efficiency and energy saving, China Mobile (Shantou) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Electric to build a green and efficient "energy-saving green data center" and "carbon neutral data center" in the form of joint construction.


At present, Shantou proposes to take the road of "building a city with industry and strengthening the city with industry", and China Mobile (Shantou) also sets its sights on the new energy industry. As the initiator and member of the "Shantou Wind Energy Association", China Mobile (Shantou) has launched the first pilot project of direct green electricity transmission to data centers in Guangdong Province and even the southeast coast.


The project takes advantage of Shantou's unique coastal wind energy, and introduces green power into the Guangdong East Data Center to realize local consumption of green power and value-added output, thereby reducing standard coal and carbon dioxide emissions. China Mobile (Shantou) said that the in-depth integration of "new energy + new infrastructure" will explore an efficient, clean, intensive and circular green development path, and also provide practical case reference and experience data support for the high-quality development of Shantou's digital economy industry.

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