Huawei the 3rd largest chip buyer globally

IDCNOVA news,although encountered with some obstruction,Huawei is gradually becoming the key customer of global chip manufacturers.

According to the latest report of Gartner,the semiconductor expense of Huawei in 2018 exceeded 21 billion dollars,making it the 3rd largest chip buyer in the world with 4.4%of the market share.


Although the expense of Huawei is still relatively smaller compared with the top 1 and 2,Samsung and Apple respectively,the growth rate of Huawei is over 45%,ranking No.1 in terms of the growth part.

Besides Huawei,other Chinese enterprises also apparently increased the chip purchase.Among them,Lenovo,Xiaomi and BBK(Vivo and OPPO combined)all ranked top 10 chip purchasers too together with Huawei.

Lenovo ranked No.5 with 17 billion dollars of purchasing,increasing by 16.4 compared with the previous year.BBK from China ranked No.6,spending 13 billion dollars,Xiaomi ranked No.7,spending 7 billion dollars and increased 62.8%,the largest growth rate among all the enterprises.

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