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IDCC2022 Opinion: ZHAO Haifeng from Zhongshishun Technology - Data Center Asset Management Should Adhere to the Concept of "Unattended"

"Data centers involve huge scale of assets, and it is unrealistic to manage them by people. There must be some automated management, no matter what technology of the Internet of Things is used, including QR codes, barcodes, robots and the UTP solutions we provide. The plan is to reduce the work pressure of this part." ZHAO Haifeng (赵海峰), CTO of Zhongshishun Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. said in the interview of the 17th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony Yangtze River Delta Forum.

According to the "2021-2022 China IDC Industry Development Research Report" released by KZ Consulting, China's overall IDC business market size will reach 301.27 billion yuan in 2021. Under the wave of digital development, the market size will continue to rise, and assets such as cabinets will continue to grow. increase, has a huge market opportunity. At the same time, asset management in data centers is particularly unique.


ZHAO Haifeng (赵海峰) pointed out that compared with other industries, the characteristics of data centers are mainly manifested in two points. First, the assets under management are basically the same in shape; second, the number of assets is huge, and the requirements for placement and security are very high.


In response to this, Zhongshishun Technology has independently developed the UTP-Data Center IT Asset Management System. One of its core technologies is FRID technology and is equipped with relevant identification sensors. On the equipment of the data center, after installing the label, it can realize the perception of the U-level change of the equipment status, understand its physical location, etc., so as to digitize the physical assets. ZHAO Haifeng said that through this system, the scenario that Zhongshishun Technology hopes to achieve is not to require the operation and maintenance personnel to take the initiative to check, but to let the machine speak actively and "tell" the operation and maintenance personnel where it is.


In addition, the system also has monitoring means, which can obtain the operation status of the internal CPU, memory and storage of the asset. In the end, the physical assets and virtual assets are effectively bound, and the massive servers and cabinets are automatically identified and controlled by means of automation, with few people on duty or even unattended.


This also provides data support for subsequent operation and maintenance. Once the equipment fails, the operation and maintenance personnel can quickly determine where is the problem and what is the location of the equipment that has failed, etc., which will effectively improve the handling, response speed and efficiency of the operation and maintenance personnel.


In the process of system formation and continuous improvement, Zhongshishun Technology (中世顺科技) has formed its own technical barriers. ZHAO Haifeng said that in the asset management of cabinets, the problem of crosstalk is the biggest technical problem. Zhongshishun Technology is currently the only company that has overcome the technical bottleneck. Through hardware and software precise positioning algorithms, the computing is distributed in different positions, and the short-range reading is realized without being disturbed by other antennas.


Combined with the application practice of UTP-data center IT asset management system, ZHAO Haifeng also elaborated on the development trend of data centers:


First, the energy consumption of data centers is huge, and energy conservation and emission reduction must be continuously promoted. At present, the data center has carried out a variety of energy-saving and carbon-reduction practices, increased the proportion of green energy use, researched and promoted new technologies such as liquid cooling, and improved energy utilization efficiency and reduced carbon emissions from different levels. Zhongshishun UTP-data center IT asset management system improves management efficiency through intelligent means, discovers zombie machines, zombie systems, etc., and can also effectively reduce the energy consumption of data centers.


Second, with the development of cloud computing, more data centers use the X86 architecture, and the requirements for server management will become more clear. It is require a full and more detailed understanding of physical location, asset status, resource allocation, space utilization, etc.


Third, from the perspective of operation and maintenance, under the background of the rapid growth of data volume, the requirements of the data center for the operation and maintenance monitoring system will also gradually increase. It is necessary to carry out more rigorous monitoring of all links, and to "arm to the teeth", in order to achieve the ultimate in the operation and maintenance of the data center.


Fourth, enterprises from different fields have entered the data center across industries, such as Zhongshishun Technology, which focuses on RFID and Internet of Things technology application research and development, and building materials companies, which makes the data center gather the technical advantages of different industries and drives data center growth.


The development of data centers will be more rational and orderly, and only more intelligent and meticulous asset management can meet the requirements of data centers, and relevant enterprises need to be more clear about their responsibilities. ZHAO Haifeng said: "What we can do is to polish our products to be more suitable for various data centers and various cabinets, so that this unmanned concept, including this efficient and safe management model, will bring more benefits for the data center.”

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