Alibaba Cloud tops image recognition ahead of AWS and Google

December 25,Stanford University released the latest DAWNBench deep learning reasoning list.Alibaba Cloud won the title of both image recognition performance and cost,breaking Amazon's record of 8 months.This is the first time that a Chinese technology company listed in this rank.

It’s the super computing power of Alibaba Cloud computing platform behind the record setting by Alibaba Cloud.In this contest,the breakthrough point of Alibaba Cloud computing platform is to develop an acceleration framework for image recognition tasks,which can automatically compress the deep learning reasoning model from 32 bits to 8 bits,reducing the computing resources occupied by 4 times,and thus increases the speed by 4 times.At present,Alibaba cloud computing platform can achieve 1,000 trillion times of in-depth learning performance per second.

At present,the super computing power of Alibaba Cloud computing platform has been widely applied in artificial intelligence scenarios such as image recognition,voice recognition and content recommendation.For example,Palitao provides the service of searching commodities for more than 20 million users on Taobao and Tmall every day.

Yu Feng,head of elastic computing at Alibaba Cloud,said:“With the popularity of computing scenarios such as artificial intelligence,computing chips will specialize in the relevant business,and the sharp increase in computing power will become the cornerstone of business innovation.”

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