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3 Billion Investment: Three Gorges Future Data Center project settled in Yichang, Hubei

Recently, Yichang City organized a delegation to the Pearl River Delta to carry out a new generation of information technology special investment invitations. A total of 42 industrial projects were signed, with a total contractual investment of 41.1 billion yuan, which was the highest record in the number of single investment contracts and investment in the city. Among them, there are 20 new generation information technology projects represented by digital technology, with an agreement investment of 23.2 billion yuan.

The Three Gorges Future Data Center project with a planned total investment of 3 billion yuan will build a distributed data storage base, a data operation center, an intelligent computing power center, and a server R&D and production plant. After it is put into production, it can provide no less than 10,000 IDC racks with the computing and storage capacity to accommodate 150,000 data servers.


With a planned total investment of 2 billion yuan, the Digital Intelligence Cultural Technology Industrial Park project will focus on the top-level planning of the digital industry, and build the Digital Technology Industry Technology (Hubei) Research Institute, China Digital Live Broadcast Industry Innovation Base, Smart Health Care Demonstration Park, and Digital Culture Center. Data Application Regional Center, Digital Education Industry-University-Research Innovation Center, Digital Copyright Trading Center.


The relevant person in charge of the Yichang Investment Promotion Bureau said that the new generation of information technology industry is one of the nine supporting industries that Yichang focuses on "strength improvement and energy level leap". This time, a group of digital technology companies have gathered and settled, which will greatly enhance the level of Yichang's digital economy. Before this, the city has landed key projects such as the Three Gorges Big Data Center and the Three Gorges (Yichang) Big Data Industrial Park, and 116 new-generation information technology large-scale industrial enterprises have been established.

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