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With a Total Investment of 10 Billion yuan, Tencent Tianjin High-tech Cloud Data Center has Been Officially Opened

A few days ago, Tencent Tianjin High-tech Cloud Data Center, located in Bolong Lake Science and Technology Park, Binhai High-tech Zone, was officially opened. It is understood that the total investment of the project is 10 billion yuan, the overall planned land area is about 280 acres, the total rack size is 15,000 racks, and the total server capacity is 300,000 units.



This project will serve as an important fulcrum of Tencent's nationwide cloud computing center and cloud service platform, fully supporting all of Tencent's businesses in North China, radiating Internet users across the country, and providing comprehensive cloud platform services for third-party companies. And as one of Tencent's eight national data centers, it will directly drive the development of cloud service equipment vendors and cloud service providers. Provide strong support to ensure data security and protect user privacy, etc., to help Tianjin Xinchuang Valley (天津信创谷) run faster.


According to reports, the project applies Tencent's self-developed fourth-generation data center technology T-block technology to achieve rapid and standardized product delivery. In terms of green energy saving, with the technical advantages that Tencent has accumulated over the years, such as indirect evaporative cooling, fluorine pump natural cooling, frequency conversion technology, airflow optimization, AI optimization, and high-voltage direct current, it can save about 100 million kWh of electricity a year compared to conventional data centers.



The relevant person in charge of the high-tech zone said that the high-tech zone adheres to the concept of "Party building leads and co-creation", regards the Xinchuang industry as the first industry, and has introduced Feiteng, Qilin, Zhongke Shuguang and other leading Xinchuang enterprises, and gathered more than 1,000 upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry. The high integration of Tencent Tianjin High-tech Cloud Data Center and Xinchuang Industry in the High-tech Zone will provide strong support for Xinchuang enterprises to improve data utilization efficiency, ensure data security and protect user privacy.

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With a Total Investment of 10 Billion yuan, Tencent Tianjin High-tech Cloud Data Center has Been Officially Opened
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