China First "Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network" Innovative Application Demonstration Base Settled in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

Recently, technology innovation cooperation with the theme of“space-aerial-terrestrial integrated 5G network innovation application, boosting the new energy of the digital economy” was signed in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou Unicom and ABDAS Space Information Technology are jointly investing in the construction of a“Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network”innovation demonstration base. The initial construction of the base will be completed before June 2021.


On 24th November 2020,  technology innovation cooperation with the theme of“Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network, boosting the new energy of the digital economy”was signed in Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou Unicom and ABDAS (中科光启)are jointly investing in the construction of a“Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network”innovation demonstration base. The initial construction of the base will be completed before June 2021.

Relying on 5G, the two parties use satellite remote sensing and aerospace information as carriers to build innovation demonstration bases. It includes the joint establishment of the "People's Nebula Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network Application Laboratory", and the investment in the construction of the "ABDAS 5G Smart Building", "People's Nebula Space-Aerial-Terrestrial Integrated 5G Network Innovation Application Center" and "Satellite Data Resource IDC Cloud Center” in Huiji Districy, Zhengzhou City, China,  joint research and development of "People's Nebula 5G Emergency Remote Sensing Monitoring Vehicle" and other content. The landing of this innovative demonstration base will effectively promote the integrated development of the "Space-Aerial-Terrestrial intergrated 5G network" industry in Henan Province, and create a new benchmark for innovative applications in the 5G industry across the country.

Experts at the conference said: China is currently seizing opportunities in global commercial aerospace development, and satellite big data as a key strategic emerging industry has been included in the country and Henan Province’s 14th Five-Year Development Plan. Data is the foundation and application is the key. A series of applications such as 5G+ satellite, 5G+ pan-terrestrial space, and 5G+ Internet of Things will help speed up the efficiency of data collection, processing, and storage in various industries. The integrated innovative application of “Space - Aerial - Terrestrial integrated 5G network” will effectively promote the upgrading of Zhengzhou's digital economy, and promote the integrated development of Henan Province's space-aerial-terrestrial 5G network and new infrastructure industry.

ZHU Yantian, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Zhengzhou Unicom, said that Zhengzhou Unicom will work with ABDAS (中科光启)to jointly build a high-bandwidth, wide-coverage Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network system and build a national "Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network" satellite remote sensing big data analysis and reserve center. Relying on the technical advantages of both parties in the fields of satellite Internet, space big data, 5G communication, etc., it could jointly build the People's Nebula Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G application laboratory, integrate satellite basic spatio-temporal data, and build a spatial coverage overground, ground surface, underground, through the spatial big data resource system of past, present and future, provide spatial big data services for government departments, industry institutions, enterprises and the public, and promote the Space-Aerial-Terrestrial integrated 5G network  big data related technologies in agricultural development, the Internet of Things, people's livelihood services  and other fields depth application,  in order to help form a new situation of digital economy development that combines point and surface, key breakthroughs, and traction driven.

ABDAS (中科光启)was established in 2015 with the support of the Institute of Remote Sensing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating "satellite R&D and manufacturing, remote sensing big data services, and satellite data asset trading". In 2019, it landed in Zhengzhou through the attractive investment initiatives of Huiji District. In August 2019, the "People's Nebula Data Center" was jointly established with People’s Daily Online and People's Data (National Big Data Disaster Recovery Center) and launched the "People's Satellite Constellation" plan. The successful launch of the "People No 1" satellite was completed on January 15 this year, and another 10 satellites were sent into space on November 6. United Argentine Satellite Logic Company will complete the launch and deployment of 90 satellites by the end of 2026. ABDAS (中科光启)has established a "satellite data artificial intelligence production line", independently developed 55 algorithm models and 12 satellite big data products, and obtained more than 80 various intellectual property rights. It provides comprehensive remote sensing data services for the national "agriculture, forestry, finance, insurance, ecology, water conservancy" and other fields.

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