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GDS Strengthens Southeast Asia Development Strategy

Shanghai, China, September 6, 2021 – Recently, GDS' Southeast Asia strategy has been comprehensively upgraded. Through cooperation with Conversant, a leading CDN provider in Southeast Asia, the joint venture company GDS Conversant Network was established to open up network resources covering the eight ASEAN countries. Combined with the company's ultra-large-scale data center park in Johor, Malaysia, GDS will provide enterprise-level users with a complete solution from IT infrastructure to network access in Southeast Asia.


Huang Wei, Chairman and CEO of GDS, said: "It is GDS's core strategy in Southeast Asia to meet the data center layout and network connection needs of enterprises in the entire region with high-performance data centers and comprehensive network services. The establishment of a joint venture with Conversant this time is an important component of our product strategy in the entire region. In the future, we will further provide network-related services including CDN to realize the interconnection of data center networks in countries and regions along the Belt and Road. “


Affected by the epidemic and the global digital transformation process, the demand for online office, remote collaboration, and short video streaming in Southeast Asian countries has been increasing in the past two years, which has also increased the demand for data centers and networks.


Headquartered in Singapore, Conversant focuses on providing cloud-based digital media solutions and content distribution services. The network covers more than 20 countries and regions and has built more than 70 nodes, and has established close partnerships with telecommunication operators and content providers in various countries and regions. The joint venture established with Conversant this time can provide companies with content distribution networks, Internet access, IPtransit and other services in Southeast Asia.


In July this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Three-year Action Plan for the Development of New Data Centers (2021-2023)", proposing to gradually deploy new overseas data centers to support the "going out" of upstream and downstream enterprises in China’s data center industry chain, with a focus on the countries along the "Belt and Road" will be deployed to strengthen effective coordination with my China international communications infrastructure such as sea and land cables, and gradually improve global service capabilities.


In the future, GDS will continue to actively respond to national policies, improve the deployment of new overseas data centers, and contribute to the development of the global digital economy.

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