SW Shandong Big Data Center Underway

IDCNOVA news:The awaited Southwest Shandong Big Data Center is underway smoothly,and the comprehensive building has finished the acceptance check recently after completion of construction,the interior furnishing and decoration is estimated to be completed in November this year.

The Southwest Shandong Big Data Center has a floor space of 400,000 square meters that could hold 130,000 servers and 100PB data storage,assorting with high level data hall,sci-tech hall,which is dedicated to provide big data storage and computing service for the intelligence Heze initiative and leading industries across the city.

On May 9,2018,the groundbreaking ceremony was launched for the construction.At present,the comprehensive building has been completed and passed the acceptance check,the interior part will be finished in November this year.The sci-tech hall will be completed for the construction part in July.The big data hall is estimated to be completed for acceptance check in October.

After the total completion,a regional big data industrial application and service hub will take place to constitute a unified public information big data and cloud computing platform,achieve the unified planning,construction and operation for the informatization across the whole city of Heze,promote unified data convergence and centralized release for the governmental agencies and public organs,provide big data service,develop big data and cloud computing industries.

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