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China First Commercial Submarine Data Center Settled in Sanya, Hainan Province

On December 26, the signing of the Sanya Submarine Data Center Project and the Green and Low-Carbon Information Infrastructure Industry Promotion Conference was held. The Sanya Municipal Government, the Provincial State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Beijing Highland Data Technology Co., Ltd. signed an investment cooperation agreement. The Provincial Big Data Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the company to actively promote the establishment of the country's first commercial submarine data center in Sanya. In the future, Sanya will join hands with leading companies and high-quality companies in this industry as well as the development of digital economy, marine technology and other industries to create a new economic growth pole.


The purpose of this conference is to promote the development of a comprehensive marine new technology industry cluster with submarine data centers as the core, and to empower the low-carbon and green development of Hainan's digital industry. As an important carrier of the digital economy, information infrastructure construction has become the focus of the new round of "new infrastructure" development. The digital transformation of the marine economy has huge potential. Marine big data is driven by new infrastructure and marine technological innovation. It is a powerful tool to promote the transformation of traditional marine industries from resource-based to data-based, and it is also an important way to achieve "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking".


Xu Tan, vice president of Highland Group, revealed that the company will continue to promote the orderly construction of submarine data centers and gradually establish a comprehensive marine new technology industrial park with submarine data centers as the core. The submarine data center demonstration project is divided into three phases, that is, the first phase will complete the construction of 5-6 cabins and shore stations, with an estimated investment of 650 million yuan; the second phase will complete a total of 50 cabins and shore stations. The overall construction of the station is expected to invest 2.8 billion yuan; the third phase will complete the deployment of 100 cabins, and the submarine data center industry chain will be formed. The direct investment is expected to exceed 5.6 billion yuan.


It is reported that the submarine data center is a data center that installs IT facilities such as servers in a sealed pressure vessel under the sea, uses submarine composite cables for power supply, and transmits data back to the Internet. Compared with land-based data centers, submarine data centers have the advantages of saving electricity, land, water, and low total cost because they use sea water for cooling and do not require cooling facilities.

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