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Breaking through digital barriers, Sichuan will create a national hub node for a national integrated big data center

Digital barriers have always been a huge bottleneck restricting the development of the digital economy, and it is also an important test task for the digital economy innovation and development pilot zone. On January 25, the Information Office of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government held a press conference in Chengdu to interpret the "Work Plan for the Construction of the National Digital Economy Innovation and Development Pilot Zone (Sichuan)". The reporter learned from the meeting that Sichuan will focus on breaking down digital barriers to carry out innovative experiments and create a national hub node for a national integrated big data center.


"I understand the barriers in the development of the digital economy. From the current point of view, there are two prominent ones. One is the lack of openness and sharing of data, and the other is the unbalanced development of digital information infrastructure." Yang Xin, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that in terms of promoting data openness and sharing, Sichuan has accelerated the integration and sharing of government information systems, and has built basic platforms such as the government affairs cloud platform, government affairs information resource sharing and exchange platform, and integrated government affairs service platform, which has greatly improved the provincial government. The ability of governance has also made enterprises and residents feel the convenience.


Under the premise of safety and control, Sichuan should speed up the mining of data value, strengthen information sharing, promote facility connectivity, network smoothness, platform connectivity and data integration, and avoid the formation of information islands and data chimneys. "We will create a national hub node of a national integrated big data center, promote government-enterprise cooperation, explore the integrated and innovative application of government data and social data, and make data element resources a realistic productivity." Yang Xin said.


In terms of information infrastructure, in recent years, Sichuan has implemented the "broadband village" pilot project, the basic network improvement project in small and medium-sized cities in the central and western regions, and the pilot program of universal telecommunications services. , 4G full coverage and 5G full coverage in cities above the county level, all of which have laid a solid support for the development of the digital economy.


In the next step, Sichuan will accelerate the large-scale deployment of 5G networks and achieve the goal of 120,000 base stations by the end of 2022. We will also continue to promote cross-industry information and communication infrastructure cooperation and co-construction, cross-regional data center co-construction and sharing mechanism, etc. Efforts will be made to narrow the digital divide between urban and rural areas, so that more people in remote areas can enjoy the benefits brought by the development of the digital economy.”

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