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21Vianet’s Net Revenue in the Second Quarter Increased by 30.8% year-on-year. Green Development under the “Dual-Carbon” Strategy has Achieved Remarkable Results


On August 25, the third-party neutral data center service provider 21Vianet (Nasdaq: VNET) released its second quarter 2021 financial report. The financial report shows that 21Vianet’s net revenue in the second quarter was 1.497 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.8%. 21Vianet’s adjusted EBITDA in the second quarter was 425.1 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 38.7%; adjusted gross cash profit was 640.2 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 36.9%.


Mr. Shen Yuanqing, CEO of 21Vianet, said: "We are honored to deliver another outstanding performance in the second quarter. Our dual-engine strategy of "new retail + large customization", diversified customer base and strong IDC market demand will continue to promote the growth of our cabinet delivery in the first half of 2021. Based on the company's leading position in the industry and dual-engine strategy, we are confident that we will attract more customers from all walks of life in the future, diversify our sources of income, support performance growth, and continue to provide value to our shareholders. “


Actively Expand the Strategic Layout


In terms of operations, from the perspective of the number of racks, as of June 30, 2021, the total number of cabinets under 21Vianet reached 62,900, a net increase of 6,950 from the 55,900 as of the end of March; Judging from the monthly cycle revenue of a single cabinet in the retail business, the second quarter was 9,015 yuan, an increase from 8,953 yuan in the same period last year.


CHEN Junhua, Chief Financial Officer of 21Vianet, said: "In the second quarter of 2021, the company's net income and adjusted EBITDA increased by 30.8% and 38.7% year-on-year, respectively, exceeding the upper limit of the previously announced guidance range. The company’s balance sheet and dual-engine strategy put us in a more favorable position when facing strong market demand and expanding diversified customers. It also helps us consolidate our leading position in the industry and accelerate growth in the next few quarters. . “


2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". For the vision of  Digital China, data centers, as the foundation of the digital economy, usher in unprecedented development opportunities. In the new situation, 21Vianet is the first to deploy. In May, 21Vianet and Hangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the fields of data center construction, infrastructure operation and maintenance, cloud computing, green energy, etc., to jointly build a safe and reliable new infrastructure in Zhejiang Province. It is the first "one cloud and multi-core" Xinchuang adaptation base in China, and provides a convenient cloud adaptation and application environment for national key infrastructure application systems. At present, the two parties have taken the lead in the construction of a high-standard green cloud computing data center project in the Hangzhou Iron and Steel Banshan base, and strive to achieve the completion of the first batch of computer rooms before the end of this year.


In July, Internet Technology NEOLINK Group, a subsidiary of 21Vianet, completed the wholly-owned acquisition of Shisu Cloud, a leader in the field of cloud-native applications and data platforms. Both parties will rely on Internet Technology’s leading customer-side new infrastructure capabilities and Shisu Cloud’s full-stack cloud-native product capabilities , To jointly build a new generation of data centers based on cloud native technology.


In addition, 21Vianet Shanghai Waigaoqiao Data Center passed the M&O (Management and Operations) certification with a high score in May, which indicates that 21Vianet’s data center operation and maintenance management level has reached international leading standards. From the beginning of the project planning, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Data Center has invested more than 20 years of data center lifecycle management experience of 21Vianet. It has been regarded as a classic model of 21Vianent’s data center in terms of design, construction and opertion.


Green development has achieved remarkable results


Following the release of the first ESG report in April 2021, 21Vianet has continued to explore the implementation of the national “dual-carbon” strategy, and has achieved remarkable results in leading the green development of the IDC industry and exploring energy technology innovation.


In May of this year, 21Vianet won the 2020 Beijing Energy Efficiency Leader (Data Center) Advanced Technology Award for its outstanding performance in energy saving and consumption reduction, and highly affirmed for utilization efficiency and the role of industry energy efficiency benchmarking.


In mid-July, 21Vianet and the Energy Internet Innovation Research Institute of Tsinghua University jointly released the first demonstration node project of the "SPEAR" innovation demonstration project-the 21Vianet Foshan Data Center Energy Storage Pilot Project. This is the first time that China has successfully implemented large-scale new energy storage. The application of technology in large data centers has a leading and demonstrative role in achieving the "dual carbon" goal of the IDC industry. From an operating point of view, the energy storage system is charged and consumed twice a day and can save nearly one million yuan in costs for the company every year. What is worth looking forward to is that this move is only the beginning of 21Vianet’s implementation of the carbon neutral path and the realization of the SPEAR collaborative innovation plan. In the future, 21Vianet will continue to promote the new data center to take an efficient, clean, intensive, and circular green development path, and explore innovative green and low-carbon technology products and solutions.

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