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IDCC2021 Shanghai Station: Take you to unlock a variety of data center carbon neutral paths

"Achieving carbon peak in 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality in 2060" is China responsibility for the world's climate improvement from the perspective of a community with a shared future for mankind. It is also the key to urging the transformation of its own economic development mode and promoting the high-quality development of various industries. Step.

In the process of high-quality development, the digital economy is a critical part. As the cornerstone of the digital economy, the data center industry has ushered in new development opportunities in the post-epidemic era, and is seizing the momentum of digital transformation to flourish. While IDC is expanding rapidly, huge energy consumption has also become a topic of great concern. The industry is also actively undertaking the mission of carbon reduction and exploring sustainable development paths for green and energy saving.

With the theme of "Empowering high-quality development and opening up a low-carbon future", IDCC Shanghai Station focuses on the low-carbon development of the data center industry in the Yangtze River Delta region to help achieve the dual-carbon goal.

01 Policy and Supervision: Top-level design for low-carbon development of data centers

Energy-saving policies are a key influencing factor in the practice of carbon neutrality in the data center industry, and play a guiding and guiding role in the development of high-quality data centers in the future.

This conference invited Dr. Ren Gengpo, deputy director of the Shanghai Energy Conservation Center, who will deliver a speech around the theme of the "Shanghai Data Center Energy Conservation Policy and Supervision/Development Guidelines under the "Double Carbon" Strategy" at the conference, and will deeply interpret the context of carbon neutrality under the policy environment faced by data centers.

After the policy is promulgated, the promotion tools and implementation monitoring are also crucial, which are directly related to the realization of the data center's carbon neutral goal.

IDCC Shanghai station set up a closed-door forum, with the theme of "Data Center Carbon Neutralization Path", and invited speakers to give lectures on different topics. With the theme of "Improving Industrial Standards and Helping Enterprises to Implement "Double Carbon"", industry experts will analyze the specific standards for carbon neutrality in the data center industry and provide a basis for enterprises to reduce carbon. Experts in the carbon trading market took "Market-based Means to Promote the Realization of the "Dual Carbon" Strategy" to sort out the current carbon trading market and carbon finance situation, and provide opinions for the entities that will participate in the carbon trading market.

02Technology and equipment: the cornerstone of the operation of data center energy saving and consumption reduction

In the wave of information age, the storage, transmission, and calculation of massive data are inseparable from physical equipment networks. The power distribution system, air-conditioning system, and grounding system are the lifeblood of the DC computer room and the main source of energy consumption and carbon emissions. Therefore, the innovative research and development of low-carbon technologies and the commissioning of energy-saving equipment are key steps for the data center industry to achieve low-carbon development.

Senior executives and technical experts from GDS, Kehua Data, Haier and other companies will visit IDCC Shanghai Station to share wonderfully on the topic of data center carbon neutrality, and introduce a series of feasible data center carbon reduction paths for industry discussion and reference .

At the closed-door forum, server company representatives will also give a speech on the topic of "Optimizing Equipment Energy Efficiency to Create a Low-Consumption and High-Efficiency Data Center", in-depth discussion of more cutting-edge, low-energy high-quality servers.

03Users and Service Providers: The Front Line of Data Center Carbon Neutrality

Users and service providers are real experiencers of the use and operation of the data center, and their words on carbon neutral path of the data center could have more power.

At the closed-door forum, representatives of Internet companies and cloud service providers will attend to express their views on the carbon neutrality practices of data centers and related industrial chains, discuss the carbon reduction mission and responsibilities of data centers, and deliver  keynote speech of "Carbon Neutrality: Society Responsibility and Technological Innovation".

IDCC Shanghai station set up a round-table dialogue session, inviting service providers, energy-saving technology companies, construction designers, industry users, energy efficiency center engineers and other representatives to open up a new perspective of "data center carbon neutrality", from different standpoints to give suggestions on the path.

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