IDCNOVA Commentary: What Is Data Center Like In the Future

IDCNOVA commentary:With the accelerated digital transformation among enterprises in China,it’s a new era nowadays for data center construction.On one hand,this trend is pushing the development of digital economy,on the other hand,it also brought about quite a lot of pressure for the urban construction,especially those developed first-tier cities.

Taking Beijing as an example,the overall revenue of big data industry in Beijing in 2018 had exceeded 1 trillion yuan.As for the quantity of data centers in Beijing,the sum of hyper scale data centers is 5,large scale and medium scale data center 11 and 42 respectively,small data centers 107,the total sum is 165,and the total quantity of racks is 153,000,which consumed 10 billion kWh in 2018 and that’s a heavy burden for Beijing.


Accordingly,Beijing Municipal Government banned new data center within downtown area,and new data center outside downtown area must reach by the PUE value under 1.4.The existing data center must conform with green standard.Besides Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou and Shenzhou also issued local policies and regulations modulating and controlling data center construction accordingly.Under such circumstances,the data center will develop into two major tendencies,one is the newly-built data center must be green starting from the root,especially via new energy like wind and photovoltaic power,and liquid cooling and mixed cooling will become trendy in terms of dissipation;another tendency is related to micro-module data center,which will be dig deeper among old and worn-out data centers and gain bigger market share in the future edge era.

Broader potential existing among old and worn-out data centers

For the first place,in terms of usage,80%of public institutional data centers are medium or small sized ones to meet internal business demand.According to the incomplete statistics,the total sum of public institutional data centers has exceeded 40,000 with limited size of merely dozens of racks for most of them,which is just a warehouse or several offices before,thus they are not lacking improved management or operation,but also lacking upgrading potential.

Luckily,Mini-Tblock,the newly launched module of Tencent could easily cope with the above problems upon its as short as 45 days for construction period and flexible configuration.According to the person in charge from Tencent,it’s very low in power consumption for cost per kilowatt,which is less than half of those standard rack.


As for the environmental adaptability,Mini-Tblock is suitable both for the cold or hot area as well as different placing,not matter playground or rooftop,even stacking installment if the space is limited.

In addition for deeper exploitation on old and worn-out data centers,Mini-Tblock could achieve rapid expansion only if connected with the former abundant switch of data hall,which guaranteed the stable performance.

Higher intelligence for data center tendency

With the development of IoT,5G and AI,infrastructure like the power grid will become the disruptive point for edge computing.Owing to venue,power and network consisted by the transformer substation,data center could make full use of transformer substation to carry out valued-added business.

In the future edge time,the pressure of network bandwidth will be partially reduced,and quite lots of data tracking,processing and storage will be completed in the edge end closer to the customers instead of back to the cloud for centralized processing,which will definitely make many data centers deployed in the customer end and the data center infrastructure will become more distributed accordingly.Even in many third or fourth tier cities and rural areas,data storage centers will be constructed as well as some micro-data centers at places where there are telco towers or communication equipment.

Compared with the conventional large scaled data centers,this kind of data center holds basic elements for small size and low power consumption.In the mean time,unemployed-operation will be another key point to focus on.

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