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2022 Guangdong IDC Market Review

In recent years, Guangdong IDC market share is keeping increasing. According to KZ Consulting, the increasing rate of traditional IDC market in Guangzhou-Shenzhen and the surrounding areas has kept at 20%. In 2021, affected by the slowdown in the growth rate of demand in the Internet industry, the market size was 16.41 billion yuan, and the growth rate slowed down. Although this growth can better meet the needs of the digital economy, there are still hidden risks, such as whether there will be blind investment, whether there will be excess supply, etc. To control the risk, Guangdong Province proposes to be demand-oriented and reasonably control the overall scale of IDC.


Regarding the market share of Guangdong IDC,  Guangdong provincial clearly stipulates that in 2021-2022, in addition to supporting the integration of existing resources and enterprises building projects with edge computing self-use requirements (small data centers with less than 1,000 standard cabinets), the province will no longer allow to add data center cabinets in principle. From 2023 to 2025, if the utilization rate of existing data centers in the province reaches more than 70%, according to supply and demand, and on the premise of ensuring that the province's energy consumption intensity reduction target can be achieved, consideration will be given to supporting energy-saving review of new and expanded data center projects.


It is worth noting that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is one of the eight national hub nodes of the national computing power network. Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as the central cities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, will focus on coordinating the layout of data centers within the city and surrounding areas in the future.


Although Guangdong's IDC market share is relatively large, there has not yet been a phenomenon happening that a large number of IDC needs have been transferred to surrounding areas in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen area. KZ Consulting pointed out that this is mainly because the gap of electricity price between Guangzhou_Shenzhen area and surrounding areas is small, and only some local governments provide electricity price subsidies for the consideration of attracting investment and reduce the construction and operation costs of regional data center projects. The process of spillover of core city data center projects and demand to surrounding areas is relatively slow.


With the advent of the data age, the construction of data centers is increasingly becoming a key area that affects the sustainable development of society, and is in a stage of rapid development. However, the imbalance between supply and demand also followed. The launch of the "East Data and Western Computing" project and the introduction of the data center policy in the Guangzhou_Shenzhen area are all to promote the standardization and rationalization of the market, so as to ensure the high-quality development of the data center industry and better meet the needs of the digital economy.


The reason why Guangdong's IDC market share is increasing also depends on the qualified network resources in Guangzhou, which attracts many Internet companies and overseas companies to deploy business systems; at the same time, local finance, manufacturing and other traditional industries account for a large proportion, and the added value of the industry exceeds 30%. With the acceleration of digital transformation of enterprises, the demand for data centers has grown rapidly. Shenzhen Internet companies represented by Tencent, manufacturing companies represented by Huawei, financial companies represented by Ping An Group, and cloud service industry companies represented by Tencent Cloud are promoting the development of the regional data center industry. Foshan, Dongguan and other non-core cities have less demand for local data centers, and the main resources are used to undertake customers with medium and high latency needs in core areas. The proportion of customers in traditional industries is slightly higher than the average level in the Greater Bay Area.

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2022 Guangdong IDC Market Review