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17 September 2021: CAICT will host the "2021 OSCAR Open-Source Industry Conference"

CAICT will host the "2021 OSCAR Open Source Industry Conference", inviting hundreds of technical experts in the open source field to discuss the future of open source.


Open source technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and the mainstream technology has gradually formed in the fields of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence. This year, "open source" was clearly included in the five-year plan for national economic and social development for the first time, and was supported at the national strategic level. Open source has become the general trend.


However, open source is not easy. It involves security, community governance, technical operation and maintenance, legal compliance and other aspects, and requires continuous collaboration and efforts from companies, communities, open source foundations, and developers.


How to further explore my country's open source ecological development model and promote the implementation of open source technology in the Chinese market? How to improve the company's open source governance capabilities? How to promote the healthy and orderly development of the open source ecosystem and promote the rapid and healthy development of China open source industry? In order to solve these problems, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology will host the "2021 OSCAR Open Source Industry Conference", inviting hundreds of technical experts in the open source field to discuss the future of open source.


2021 OSCAR Open Source Industry Conference 8 Highlights


Highlight 1: Trusted Open Source Governance Standards and Evaluation Results


Open source has risks such as security and compliance. Enterprises have built an internal open source governance system, and at the same time faced the issue of choosing open source governance tools. Therefore, since 2019, CAICT has issued a series of specifications and standards for companies' open source governance capabilities to help companies regulate the use of open source software and enhance their open source governance capabilities.


Highlight 2: New release of "Open Source Ecological White Paper (2021)”


As the entire society accelerates digitization, networking, and intelligence, open source has become the general trend. With the prosperity of the open source industry, the open source ecosystem has also attracted much attention.


In order to make domestic users to better understand and use open-source technology, CAICT officially released the industry’s first "Open-Source Ecological White Paper (2020)" last year, giving an overall introduction to the development of open-source ecosystems, focusing on open source layout, Open source operations, open source governance, industry open source, open source risks, open source technology and other hot topics in open source fields will be discussed.


Highlight 3: Release V3.0 of the Open-Source Governance Platform of CAICT



Highlight 4: Release the industry's first "White Paper on Operating System Open Ecosystem”


The operating system is the most basic and most important basic system software, and more and more operating systems choose the direction of open source.


The early development of the domestic open-source ecosystem was mainly concentrated in the application-side development software field. In recent years, domestic companies have gradually focused on the basic software field for open-source project layout, and multiple operating system open-source projects have emerged.


China Academy of Information and Communications Technology released the industry's first "Operating System Open Ecological White Paper", which summarizes and outlines the open ecosystem of the operating system, and focuses on the problems and possible solutions that the operating system faces when it is open sourced.


Highlight 5: Release the industry's first "Open-Source Community White Paper”


In the development of open source, the open-source community undoubtedly played an extremely important role. The open-source community provides a free learning and communication space for many developers, and plays a huge role in promoting the development of open-source software.


However, the governance of the open-source community faces many problems. How to attract developers and users and let them contribute to the community? How to gather core contributors to maintain, develop and manage the project?


To this end, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and PingCAP jointly released the industry's first "Open-Source Community White Paper" to help everyone understand the open-source community and reveal the problems in the development and governance of the open source community. This conference will also conduct a detailed interpretation of the "White Paper" to help developers, enterprises and other organizations understand the open source community.

Highlight 6: Release of the "Open-Source White Paper for the Financial Industry”



Open source is developing rapidly, and traditional industries are also actively following up and forming characteristic open-source communities. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Institute of Information and Communications Technology established the Financial Industry Open-Source Technology Application Community (FINOC) in 2018, focusing on the use and governance of open-source software in the financial industry.


However, as an industry with extremely high security requirements, the financial industry is facing more stringent regulatory requirements when adopting open-source technology, and risks should be minimized in terms of intellectual property rights and information security.


At this conference, CAICT will jointly release the "Financial Industry Open-Source White Paper" in conjunction with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and conduct a detailed interpretation to gain a deeper understanding of the current development of open source in the financial industry.


Highlight 7: ‘OSCAR Open-Source Top Case’ Selection and Awards


In order to better promote the implementation of open-source technology in the Chinese market, encourage enterprises and manufacturers to use open source, promote the implementation of open-source technology in the Chinese market, and encourage enterprises or individuals to further explore the development model of open-source technology in my country, the conference specially set up the "OSCAR Open-Source Peak Case" Selection. The selection is divided into four categories: "Open-Source People", "Open-Source Community and Open-Source Projects", "Open-Source Companies and Open-Source Users", and "Open-Source Technology Innovation".


This conference will announce the companies, individuals and projects that have won the "OSCAR" awards in the open-source industry!


Highlight 8: Six sub-forums, focusing on open-source governance, open-source communities, open-source intellectual property and security, cloud native, open-source culture, and open-source commercialization


In addition to the splendid main forum, this conference also set up six sub-forums: Open-Source Governance Forum, Open-Source Project and Open-Source Community Forum, Open-Source Intellectual Property and Security Forum, Cloud Native Open-Source Forum, Open-Source Culture Forum and Open-Source Business Forum, inviting industries Experts and big coffees share dry goods.


The conference also set up a closed-door meeting around the "Financial Open-Source Application Community" and the "Telecom Open-Source Application Community". Developers and corporate personnel from the financial and telecommunications open-source communities will discuss industry and open-source topics together.


Hundreds of technical experts in the open-source field, many enterprises open-source ecosystem practitioners and developers gathered together, and the 2021 OSCAR Open-Source Industry Conference is waiting for you!

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