ZTE completed world’s first 5G end and NSA end-to-end connection

Recently,China’s tech giant ZTE successfully completed world’s first 5G end and systematic network end-to-end connection based on the 3.5GHz NSA networking mode.

During this test,ZTE applied its self-developed,world’s first 5G smartphone prototype supporting both sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G,as well as its self-developed 5G NR base station and LTE key network product.Currently,the operators are more in favor of SA networking,which means the key network will apply 5G solutions too,and ZTE will focus on SA solution testing and connection in the future.

There are limited manufacturers capable of providing both 5G network and 5G cellphone,ZTE is one.On the twiiter-like app,Weibo,ZTE announced this news too and said”ZTE is the first communication operator in the world that owning both 5G network and 5G cellphone at the same time.”Although it’s just by prototype and testing network,but the successful end-to-end connection has demonstrated the availability of this technology and solution.ZTE replied before,it would release 5G commercial cellphone in the first half of 2019.

Although hardships and difficulties in 2018,ZTE recovered quickly.In July of 2018,ZTE resumed the 3rd phase of 5G research testing and caught up within 24 days,completed the new product development,end-to-end testing deployment,functional testing and out-field function verification.

Besides,so far,ZTE has established 5G strategic partnership with over 20 operators globally at frequent cooperation.Xu Ziyang,CEO of ZTE said in late August of 2018 that,they are planning to achieve the normal increase of operator network business in 2019,maintaining the first-tier position in 5G,and make full use of mass commercial use of 5G in 2020.

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