GSA: Over 200 operator already invested 5G

IDCNOVA news: According to the latest report, by middle January of 2019, 201 operators from 83 countries had invested in 5G mobile network and 5G fixed wireless access network (FWA), and the operators had announced 524 independent demonstration, testing or experiment.


GSA showed that so far, 11 operators already released limited 5G service (including mobile service and FWA service), and the operators are AT&T (USA), Elisa (Finland, Estonia), Etisalat (UAE), Fastweb (Italy), LG Uplus (South Korea), KT (South Korea), SK Telecom (South Korea), Ooredoo (Qatar), TIM (Italy), Verizon (USA) and Vodacom (Lesotho).


According tot GSA statistics, among the 5G testings by global operators, the most used frequency spectrum is n78 (3.3GHz-3.8GHz), and 107 testings applied it; the second used is n257 frequency spectrum (26.5GHz-29.5GHz), and 87 testings applied it.


As for the 2.6GHz frequency spectrum (n7, n38, n41) distributed to China Mobile, only 7 operators are using (including China Mobile), marking greater promotion still needed.

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