How was China Mobile's overseas Internet Data Center (IDC) built?

China Mobile International Corporation Data Center in UK

The construction of data centers of international companies has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of Chinese operators' overseas data centers and network resources.


As one of the ten world-class model enterprises selected by the SASAC, an active promoter of the national “One Belt One Road” initiative and the industry leader, China Mobile has always been creating a world-class model enterprise and taking the responsibility of building network power, digital China, andp smart society. CMIX, an International Company, plays a pivotal role in different affairs.

In 2019, international construction project is launched  simultaneously in Singapore, UK and other two places. The project involved hundreds of professionals and thousands of workers in more than a dozen countries, related to 13 professional subjects such as civil engineering, electrical and HVAC.

In order to solve the problem, the company leaders personally took the initiative and held more than a dozen global data center evaluation meetings with domestic and foreign experts. The CMIX team uses cloud conferences, SharePoint, and cloud project platforms to coordinate teams in Asia and Europe, and uses 4D BIM to control the construction of spatio-temporal nodes, achieving 7×24 hours of uninterrupted collaboration anytime and anywhere; using professional visualization tools such as SketchUp and BlueBIM, communicating with graphics to improve cross-cultural communication ability and collaboration efficiency greatly.

After more than 1,500 project meetings, tens of thousands of drawings, 92 project RFPs, more than 1,000 TIPS technical manuals, 200,000 nodes, 12 international certifications...In just 12 months, nearly 20MW data centers in Singapore and the UK were successfully delivered.  It becomes a miracle in the history of data center construction in the two countries. In addition, it has realized the global layout of a digital ecological island of interconnection of everything, human-computer interaction, world harmony, and world integration, forming a new pattern of China Mobile’s magnificent international business, demonstrating China’s digital strength in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, supporting the implementation of national strategies.

International companies build the core backbone nodes of the global integrated information basic network and form an island chain, which has pioneering significance for China Mobile's global Internet ecological layout. The international company data center integrates the international communication hub, the international submarine cable landing station, the international Internet data center, and the international cloud network. Relying on the local ring, it is closely connected to the Asia-Pacific submarine cable (APG, SJC, SJC2) and the Asia-Europe submarine cable (SMW5). It seamlessly connects the Asia-Pacific, Indian Ocean, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and provides customers with more than 600 comprehensive solutions such as IDC, network, cloud link, and ICT services throughout the year, which are deeply trusted by customers. In 2019, IDC signing revenue reached more than HKD 2 billion, becoming the new "cash cow" of international companies.

Each data center uses the world's cutting-edge technology to lead the development of green and low-carbon, such as low-energy batteries, high-temperature coolers, natural cooling design, LED lighting equipment and motion sensor control, wind pressure control air conditioning technology, etc. Today, PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness, an indicator for evaluating data center energy efficiency) has reached 1.4 or less in Singapore, 1.3 in Europe, and 1.1 in the United States, reaching a world-class level.

The construction of data centers of international companies has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of Chinese operators' overseas data centers and network resources. For example, it has formed a joint fleet of Chinese-funded enterprises with China State Construction, Huawei, Alibaba, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Sinopec, etc., which has created a digital ecological base for Chinese-funded enterprises going global, and provided one-stop support from infrastructure to information services. It also helped the implementation of the "Belt and Road" initiative.

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