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IDCC2021 Shanghai | Green Development and "Data Center Low-Carbon Practices under the New Policy”

The 16th China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony (Shanghai) (IDCC2021 Shanghai) will be held on October 13th at the Wanda Reign on the Bund in Shanghai. With the theme of "Enabling high-quality development and opening up a low-carbon future", the conference was hosted by the China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony Organizing Committee and undertaken by the China IDC Quan.


Conference Ticket Book: http://www.idcquan.com/Special/IDCC2021SH/reg.html


Data centers are high-energy-consuming industries. Under the "dual carbon" goal, various localities have introduced corresponding policies to guide the low-carbon development of data centers. Energy conservation and carbon reduction have become the focus of the data center industry. As one of the most developed regions in China’s digital economy, Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta have strong demand for data storage and processing. The Yangtze River Delta is the country’s “national hub of integrated computing power network”. The level of low-carbon and green development of data centers has attracted much attention.


So, what is the current focus of energy-saving planning for data centers in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta? What are the energy consumption standards? What innovations and new developments do data center companies have in energy conservation and carbon reduction? What plans does the company have in the future?


In response to related issues, the conference set up a roundtable forum on “Data Center Low-Carbon Practices under the New Policy”QIN Hongbo, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Energy Efficiency Center, Three Gorges Changjiang Power Plant,ZENG Chao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Big Data Technology (Yichang) Co., Ltd. HUANG Mingda, 21Vianet product expert Huang Mingda,YANG Jun, Shanghai Project Leader and HAO Yun Changsheng Chairman Assistant



Key indicators and testing of Shanghai data center energy consumption supervision;


Energy consumption indicators that data center companies pay attention to, their acquisition methods, and policy planning;


Introduction and future planning of online energy audit of Shanghai Data Center;


The effect of using clean energy in the data center and its impact on stability and cost;


Innovative practices of data center companies in improving energy efficiency;


The data center is an effective means to achieve energy saving and emission reduction based on energy consumption monitoring data;


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