Vodafone and Orange, two Spanish telecom operators are pushing cooperation with Huawei and ZTE

Dec 9,IDCNOVA news:Although“boycotted”by several countries recently,Vodafone and Orange,two Spanish telecom operators are pushing cooperation with Huawei and ZTE,and already delivered 5G subsidiary application with the Red.es,the Spanish telecom authority.

According to Industrial and Commercial Times website,a press from Taiwan China,Vodafone subscribed three 5G trials sites application with Red.es,and is planning cooperative projects with Huawei in Pamplona and rural areas nearby.Besides,Vodafone will conduct testing projects in Malaga and Seville as well as rural areas nearby together with Huawei.

Orange also subscribes three 5G trial projects.It’s reported that it will utilize Huawei’s network equipment in its trial project in Malaga and Seville and ZTE’s equipment in Valencia.

Vodafone and Orange had started cooperation with Huawei long before,including the cooperation on MWC between Vodafone and Huawei last year,and the transmission network deployment between Orange and Huawei in the middle of 2018,etc.

During the Sino-US trade war,Huawei and ZTE both fell to become the target of US which pushed its ally to resist Huawei and its equipment.However,Huawei is still dominating in the world market and expanding quickly.It’s added that,Huawei had signed 26 5G commercial contracts and over 10,000 5G base station had been shipped worldwide.

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