Top 10 China big data transaction events in 2018

IDCNOVA news:there are constant events in China big data in the past year.From the national big data(Guizhou)comprehensive pilot area update to big data transaction institution listed as national high-tech enterprises and so on,as well as the acceleration of 5G commercialization,China is promising to become No.1 big data country in the world in 2019,which provides vast and broad development for big data transaction.And hereby are top transaction events in big data field.

The national big data(Guizhou)comprehensive pilot area update on“big data resources distribution”

China’s south western Guizhou Province launched the country’s first big data exchange--Guiyang Big Data Exchange,enrolling 2000 membership,over 4000 transacting data products.

The 4th China Guizhou big data transaction summit forum

Since 2015,this forum has been held 4 consecutive times,becoming the top big data event in China.

The first state level R&D project of data transaction approved for implementation

Led by the Science institute of Southern China Grid,the R&D project“Equity transaction technology of sci-tech outcome and data resources”was approved to implement.


China released its first data transaction standard and draft the 1st data transaction security standard

The state market inspection and management bureau and the state standardization management commission released the country’s first data transaction standard and it will be put into effect since Jan 1,2019.

Guiyang Big Data Exchange is leading to build up the national big data transaction commission

At the inaugural ceremony of the national technological standard innovation base(Guizhou big data)construction and development commission in Guiyang,Guiyang Big Data Exchange is leading to build up big data transaction commission.

Big data transaction institution listed as national high and new tech enterprises

In 2018,big data transaction institutions including Guiyang Big Data Exchange had been selected as national high and new tech enterprises,marking its innovative development got recognition and support.

CUPL’s big data transaction center normalization index report

China University of Political Science and Law released the China big data development report,and the subsidiary report of the normalization index on big data transaction centers covers 39 big data transaction center in China and Guiyang Big Data Exchange ranks No.1.


MPS enforced China’s first big data security improvement and rectification

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security enforced a nationwide enforcement inspection raid for the security issues of big data,tackle the violations of privacy infringement,etc.

5G experimental trial approved

MIIT approved China Telecom,China Mobile and China Unicom to conduct 5G trial around the country.

The notion of big data transaction transmitted via mainstream media

China’s mainstream media including People’s Daily actively focus on big data development and transmit to spread the notion of big data transaction.

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