Guizhou Province, China, has used Big Data Platform for Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Between 26th to 29th October 2020, Fifth Plenary Session of 19th CPC Central Committee was held in Beijing. It pointed out the importance of improving the system and mechanism for preventing and dissolving major risks and enhancing the ability to respond to public health emergencies. The plenary meeting mentioned that we should summarize the experience of the epidemic and the various problems exposed, and could rely on the big data cloud platform to improve the public health emergency system.


In addition, it is also important to improve the provincial emergency prevention and control legal system and optimize comprehensive legislative rules. A sound public health legal system is an important prerequisite and system guarantee for responding to emergencies. Using the big data cloud platform, Guizhou Province has established a command center for centralized office, systematic command and dispatch, request for instructions and reports, epidemic research and judgment, departmental coordination, and medical treatment, which is the integration of emergency forces.


Based on the actual situation of the province’s epidemic prevention and control, Guizhou has formulated a series of legal documents such as systematic emergency prevention and control local regulations, which can cover emergency early warning, emergency response, disaster relief, post-disaster relief, expropriation compensation and other aspects. Therefore, it can deal with risks based on the provincial situation with professionalism and strong maneuverability.


Build a complete emergency early warning management guarantee system. The big data platform could play an important role in the analysis, monitoring, prevention and control of the epidemic. Guizhou uses big data technology to build a cloud platform for joint prevention and control, and has achieved positive results in the battle against the epidemic. In the following epidemic prevention and control, Guizhou experience can be applied in new areas. From country to community, establish an emergency management database for public health emergencies in the way of modular analysis; improve the ability of big data intelligent analysis, improve public health data early warning and prevention, and use the combination of big data analysis and expert knowledge to improve decision-making It is reasonable to establish and improve the emergency response plan system to realize the classified management of emergency plans.


Disclosure Government Information to Maintain Public Participation

Government information disclosure is an important way to ensure public participation. Since the epidemic prevention and control, Guizhou Province has taken active measures to implement government information disclosure and safeguard public participation. Government information disclosure channels could be broadened through Guizhou's "One Network, One Cloud, One Platform”. "Daily report, Zero report" system will be strictly implemented and the reported and released epidemic information will be double reviewed to avoid underreporting and concealing, which is to ensure that the government releases accurate and comprehensive information about the epidemic; In the normalization stage of epidemic prevention and control, through the disclosure of government affairs information, it could guide citizens to supervise and avoid government inactions in epidemic prevention and control. It is also to guide citizens to accept legal publicity and education on epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law to reduce the epidemic prevention and control incidents.


Take Measures to Ensure the Orderly Guarantee of Emergency Supplies

By relying on the big data system analysis platform, it connects professional departments such as health and disease control, public security, emergency management and the comprehensive resources of non-profit organizations and the public, it could break data barriers and integrate emergency material resources in the province or even the country. Guizhou has adopted the methods of coordinated deployment within the province, multi-channel external procurement, and active efforts to strengthen the protection of epidemic prevention materials. Through Internet big data, the medical force and important epidemic prevention materials are scientifically deployed, and emergency supplies are managed and supplemented separately during regular and extraordinary periods by building emergency supplies guarantee system.


Speed Up the Formulation of Volunteer Service Measures 

After the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China voluntary service organization and management is undergoing major adjustments. It is necessary to speed up the formulation of our province's volunteer service measures to provide legal protection for volunteers participating in epidemic prevention and control, and clarify the rights and obligations, and in the normalization stage of epidemic prevention and control, use the big data cloud platform to collect, classify and organize volunteer data, so as to respond quickly to emergencies in public health events, and invest in volunteer services as a supplementary force for professionals .

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