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China Mobile: Focus on "Dual Carbon" Strategy to Build a Green Data Center

With the acceleration of digitization, the demand for energy consumption in data centers continues to grow at a high speed. With the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the construction of green data centers has become a general trend. As a high-energy-consuming industry, the data center industry, promoting the decarbonization transformation of the data center industry plays an important role in achieving the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality in my country.


In response to the policy to speed up the construction of a green and low-carbon data center, China Mobile (Qingdao) has considered the first phase of operation and maintenance and the second phase of the project, taking various measures to reduce energy consumption and continuously reducing the energy consumption of China Mobile (Qingdao, Shandong) data center.



"Early" planning to lay a solid foundation for green and energy-saving


Data center is one of the few industries where the proportion of energy consumption in total electricity consumption in society continues to grow. Therefore, the data center actively implements the "dual carbon" strategy, promotes green energy conservation, and reduces energy consumption, which is of great significance for my country to achieve the goal of 2060.


At the beginning of the planning and design of the data center, China Mobile (Qingdao) took green energy conservation as an important consideration, and vigorously promoted the implementation of green energy conservation measures from the aspects of building layout, mechanical and electrical design, energy management, and green procurement. The PUE design value of the first phase of China Mobile (Qingdao) Data Center is 1.308, and the PUE design value of the second phase of the new project is 1.285, creating an internationally advanced green data center. In order to continuously reduce energy consumption, the data center has successively carried out energy-saving renovation and upgrading projects such as energy-saving lamp renovation, reactor construction, and optimizing BA group control strategy. The total annual electricity bill was saved by 12 million yuan. In 2021, the Qingdao government gave data center electricity bill energy-saving subsidies of 1.6 million yuan.



In terms of green and low carbon, the data center adopts a variety of working modes and technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. According to the seasonal change and the outside temperature, the air-conditioning cold source system adopts three cooling modes, especially in winter, the cooling tower + plate exchange mode is used, and the high-pressure chiller is not turned on. In the above-mentioned working mode, if the high-pressure chiller is not used for 4 months, 8 million kWh of electricity can be saved.


The end of the air conditioner adopts a new type of precision water-cooled air conditioner, inter-row air conditioner, and heat pipe back panel air conditioner. The terminal air conditioner is close to the IT racks, and the nearby refrigeration and refrigeration efficiency are high, and the energy saving rate can reach 60%.



The cooling tower, chilled water pump, terminal fan and other equipment adopt frequency conversion design, which can save energy by 10%-20%.


Using heat recovery technology to recover the heat of the IT equipment in the computer room in winter, to support the maintenance and heating of the room, the annual operating cost can be saved by 1 million yuan.


Intelligent management and control applications to promote green and low-carbon


In order to promote data center energy saving, emission reduction, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, relying on the power environment monitoring system, refrigeration system group control system, power monitoring system, DCIM integrated management platform, real-time monitoring of the operating status and working parameters of each system equipment, and real-time display of each system And the use of energy and resources by main equipment, provide intelligent analysis functions, optimize and give maintenance strategies, realize intelligent power supply, intelligent heat dissipation, and ensure low energy consumption and high-performance operation of the data center.



The centrifugal chiller adopts a group control control method to realize energy accumulation, temperature control, automatic input or withdrawal of the unit and supporting groups, and realize the intelligent operation of the air conditioning cold source system to achieve the purpose of reliable and economic operation.


Give full play to the function and role of dynamic environment monitoring, and adjust precision air conditioners and humidifiers to adjust the temperature and humidity of the computer room according to the weather changes, and reduce the energy consumption and PUE value of the data center.



The data center computer room adopts the mainstream closed cold aisle system, and the inter-column air conditioners are placed in the rack arrangement room and installed side by side with the server racks. The horizontal air supply mode of air supply from the cold aisle and return air from the hot aisle solves the problems of mixing and short-circuiting of conventional air-conditioning hot and cold air, thereby ensuring the uniform temperature of the server cabinet and eliminating local hot spots. The circulating air volume is hot and cold. The air-conditioning in the passages and the inter-column closed circulation can accurately control the temperature and humidity of the computer room. Compared with the traditional electrode humidifier, it can save more than 80% of the electricity used for humidification, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.


Pay attention to detail, save energy and reduce consumption to benefit


Adopt a variety of measures to strengthen the control of energy consumption and achieve the purpose of rational use of energy and energy conservation. In the maintenance process, measures such as increasing the return air temperature of the computer room air conditioner, optimizing the lighting scheme of the computer room, increasing the temperature of the chiller's water outlet, and extending the opening time of the board replacement, can reduce energy consumption by 5%.



Rewrite the power distribution logic to realize automatic power distribution in the park. In the case of a dual-channel mains emergency, the oil generator power generation can be completed within 2 minutes from the original 8 minutes. Automatic power generation and power transmission shorten the start-up time of the diesel engine, which reduces diesel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, and further improves the safety and reliability of the data center.


The data center of China Mobile (Qingdao) has been accelerating green development. In 2018, the data center of China Mobile (Qingdao, Shandong) won the title of "Five-Star Data Center". It won the title of "Green Data Center" in 2021. In the future, China Mobile (Qingdao) will continue to strengthen responsibility, adhere to green development, and actively implement the national strategy of "carbon peak and carbon neutral", leading the data center to take a green development path that is efficient, low-carbon, intensive and circular.

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