Chinadata Group sets up a business sub-group to independently operate the most mature and advantageous business

On January 15, Chinadata Group (Nasdaq: CD) announced that it would integrate the group delivery center BU and formally establish a business subgroup Qin Gong Construction (秦工营造). Chindata Group stated that it is committed to creating an open, neutral and green digital economy base and contributing the lowest core value to digital inclusiveness, which is the original intention of  Chinadata Group. In the development process of the new generation of ultra-large-scale data centers, the Group has forged three core advantages: development and construction, intelligent equipment manufacturing, and comprehensive energy. In order to further accelerate the output of superior capabilities and create more value for customers and the industry, it has decided to upgrade the most mature and advantageous business to independent operation by BG.


The newly established Qin Gong Construction Subgroup fully integrates the development and construction business of data center planning, design, construction and delivery, and inherits and continues to fission the new generation of ultra-large-scale computing power infrastructure full-stack green space development service capabilities of Chinadata Group. Fully supporting the iterative development of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, blockchain, virtual reality and other technologies, the explosive computing power demand of digital leaders provides an open and inclusive computing power foundation for the digital upgrade of the economic system facility.


The change is not only in the business structure. Chinadata Group also announced a series of personnel appointments by Qin Gong Construction. Among them, Qin Gong Construction's president will be Ms. SONG Jing (宋婧), the vice president of Chinadata Group.


Ms. SONG Jing (宋婧) is an internationally renowned architect and one of the core management members of Chinadata Group. She has led the greenfield development and construction of several new generation ultra-large-scale data centers.


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