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The planned rack exceeds 10,000, and the Gui'an data center project of the Bank of Communications is signed

A few days ago, the Management Committee of Gui'an New Area and the Bank of Communications held a signing ceremony for the Gui'an Data Center Project. Persons in charge of the Bank of Communications, Guiyang City and relevant departments of Gui'an New Area participated.

The Bank of Communications Gui'an Data Center project is located on the southeast side of Jiaofukang North Road, Xing'an Avenue, Machang Science and Technology New City, Gui'an New District. The planned land area is about 279 acres, and the planned investment is about 5 billion yuan. The project adopts "overall planning and phased implementation" "mode, with a total planning of more than 10,000 racks and more than 200,000 powered-on servers.

According to the introduction at the signing ceremony, in order to speed up the implementation of the project, Gui'an New District will strengthen service guarantee, fully promote, provide full service, and strive for early completion and early commissioning of the project. At the same time, the two sides will strengthen cooperation and strive to achieve more substantive results, so that the energy efficiency of financial services to the real economy can be more fully demonstrated.

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