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Yibin City, Located in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River, Accelerates the Construction of a Regional Big Data Center

On October 2nd, along the Yangtze River, there is a data center in the Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone of Yibin City was under construction. The big data center and big data industrial park project in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in China Wuye Yibin with a total construction area of 60,000 square meters is speeding up the construction.

The project is known as the driving engine and development carrier of Yibin's digital economy. After its completion, it will contribute to the building of the province's leading information hub center, traffic convergence center and network node that ranks first in the central and western regions.


At the project site, in the "concert" issued by various construction machinery, the workers are doing a number of operations in an orderly manner. The blue work clothes are plated with gilt edges, and the project data room and incubation building are under construction. During the National Holiday, the project will also start the secondary construction of the data room and the production of the curtain wall, and go all out to build the "most powerful brain" that will help the local digital economy take off.


At present, the data room of the project is entering the most difficult construction stage. The construction time of the main structure is tight. It is necessary to orderly complete the support frame erection, formwork installation, steel reinforcement installation, hydropower pre-embedding, lightning protection grounding construction, and concrete pouring. "In order to cope with the construction during the National Day, we have not only equipped a strong project management team and construction team, but also required all staff to recite the word ‘safety’ and keep in mind the ‘red line’ of safety.” Project manager XIE Huizhi said. In order to ensure the safety of construction during the National Day, the team members and safety personnel of China No. 5 Metallurgical Project are on duty throughout the entire process, actively organizing various teams to carry out safety hazard investigation and rectification, and earnestly "eliminate hidden hazards before construction" to ensure safety management during the festival.

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