More than 90% corporate goals! IDC report reveals that data center networks are moving towards the era of “Self Driving”

C114 News on December 29, the booming digital economy is largely based on the mining of the value of data. For major organizations and the entire society, data has become a core asset. The Economist once compared it to the 21st century oil. China took the lead in bringing data into the category of production factors in April this year. As one of the main carriers of data flow, data center network is becoming increasingly important. But on the other side, traditional network design, distribution, deployment and operation methods have gradually become unable to keep up with the pace of the times.

What is the future of the data center network where ID is at a critical turning point? "Autonomous driving" has become a major choice that has received widespread attention and optimism.

More than 90% of enterprises stated that a fully autonomous data center network is their goal to achieve business agility, while being more flexible and cost-effective. This is a key survey result in the latest report of "Data Center Network Autonomous Driving Index" released by IDC and Huawei. The self-driving data center network will help enterprises restructure the network architecture and operation model, and enhance business resilience and continuity.

This report is derived from IDC's research on the current status of 205 enterprise data center networks of various industries and sizes around the world. In the report, IDC defines the level of assessment of the automation level of the data center network, and explores the way to achieve complete automation, which can be described as universal and value-regardless of the current level of data center network automation, you and your organization can find suggestions and methods for continuous advancement in autonomous driving networks.

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