China to quicken 6G experiment, 10 times faster than 5G

Dec 10,2019/IDCNOVA news:according to relevant insider close to 5G work unit affiliated to MIIT,it’s expected that China would quicken the conceptual research and experiment on 6G as early as 2020,so as to systematically create and compile the definition and standard of 6G.

It’s reported that the engineers and IT enterprises of China are expanding research and fundraising and at that moment the wireless transmission would reach a unprecedented speed.

Besides coverage expansion,the fluency and ultra-transmission speed of 6G unparalleled.Xiao Youhu,professor at Southeast China University said,before 2030,6G will start to change China internet and daily life of smart phone users.With 10 times speed of 5G,a 4K movie could be downloaded within a wink,in addition,6G will open a new era of interoperability and VR application driven by the increasing transmission speed.

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