Beijing Capital International Airport - The mobile 5G network has been fully completed and put into operation

Multi-site testing shows that the average 5G download speed in Beijing Capital International Airport can reach more than 1000Mbps.


240,000 people can "surf" on the 5G network at high speed at the same time. The reporter learned today that after Beijing Daxing International Airport, the 5G network of Beijing Capital International Airport has been fully completed and put into use.


Under the unified deployment of the Beijing Communications Administration, Beijing Mobile and China Tower jointly built the 5G network at Beijing Capital International Airport and put into use. It reported that the 5G network has covered the T1, T2 and T3 terminals of Beijing Capital International Airport, as well as the special airport building, parking building, apron and other areas. It also provides a more complete communication guarantee for the Airport for the peak travel after the pandemic.

As a world-class super-large airport, Beijing Capital International Airport has a huge volume, a complex structure, and an average annual passenger flow of over 100 million. It is known as the "First National Gate". The construction of a 5G network here is not only of great significance, but also a huge and cumbersome amount of engineering, high technical content and difficult process.

Since the start of the project in December 2019, Beijing Mobile and China Tower have taken more than 10 months to complete the 5G network construction of the apron, gallery bridge, terminal building, parking building and other locations, and built and opened 101 indoor and outdoor wireless base stations. The current network capacity can simultaneously meet the call and data traffic needs of 240,000 5G users.

Multi-site testing shows that the average 5G download speed at the Airport can reach more than 1000Mbps, which guarantees the network quality and user experience. In addition, Beijing Mobile has set up a business hall in each of the T2 and T3 terminals to provide various mobile business services for passengers in need, and bring better user experience and more applications to passengers.

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