Huawei Invests 500m to Build Up a Big Data Center in North China’s Shanxi Province

IDCNOVA news:On June 25,2019,at the 2019 Intelligence Zezhou Conference in Zezhou County of Jincheng City,located in North China’s Shanxi Province,Zezhou Huawei Big Data Center was launched.

Cooperating with local government and enterprises,Huawei invests 500 million yuan to build up a model intelligence city project at a county.The construction period is 5 years.As one of the key projects for intelligence Zezhou plan,this site will integrate cloud computing,big data and data center to boost the digital economy and promote digital transformation.

Intelligence Zezhou plan is a mutual project between Huawei and Zezhou county-level government to forge up a new type of smart city.This project focus on informatization and functional layout,emphasize demand for livelihood and public service,urban governance,industrial upgrading and so on,deepen informatization and intelligence application socially and economically,center around 4 major fields of infrastructure,urban and rural governance,livelihood and industrial transformation,promote local intelligence building up.

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