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GDS released its first ESG Report, Carbon Neutrality and 100% Renewable Energy Use will be Achieved by 2030

Shanghai, China, November 30, 2021-Today, GDS released its first Environmental, Social and Governance Report (hereinafter referred to as the "ESG Report" or "Report"), proposing the vision of "Green Smart Infrastructure Connected to a Sustainable Future" . It is he first domestic data center company that promised to achieve carbon neutrality and use 100% renewable energy by 2030.


Huang Wei, Chairman and CEO of GDS, said: “With the official release of GDS’s first ESG report, we are very proud to be the first in China to propose to achieve carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy at the same time by 2030. We have developed a clear and achievable path for this. We always provide a unique, open and sustainable smart infrastructure platform for the world's leading innovative companies. We are committed to integrating sustainability into everything we do, and taking this as our duty, we strive to lead the industry towards a greener future. “


The report comprehensively demonstrates the achievements of GDS in the three aspects of environment, society and governance in 2020, and accordingly formulated long-term goals-to minimize environmental impact, create value for all stakeholders, and establish strict corporate governance trust.


Environment: Green innovation, zero-carbon future


Considering the environment, with the goal of 100% use of green electricity, GDS has minimized the impact on the environment by increasing the proportion of renewable energy use, building green data centers, and improving operational efficiency. By actively participating in green power transactions, strengthening investment in new energy, and exploring emerging technologies, GDS has continuously reduced the carbon emissions of data centers.


In 2020, the proportion of GDS's renewable energy use will reach 22.6%, and 25% of self-built data centers have obtained green building certification. By 2030, GDS will achieve carbon neutrality and use 100% renewable energy.




For society, GDS focuses on empowering customers' digital transformation with smart infrastructure and services, and empowering employees by creating a diverse, inclusive, and equal working environment and promoting personal development. At the same time, it unites with supply chain and ecosystem partners to create a positive impact for society together.


Since its establishment 20 years ago, GDS has served 739 customers, with a customer satisfaction score of 9.556 in 2020, and the number of data centers that have been certified by Uptime M&O has reached 14. As of 2020, the average annual training time for all employees of GDS is 31.3 hours, and the proportion of women in senior management reaches 34%. 100% of the suppliers sign the sustainability commitment letter, and 100% of the engineering and equipment suppliers accept the environmental and occupational health system (EHS) review.


In terms of governance, GDS has always maintained the strictest corporate governance standards, strictly abides by data security and privacy, and promotes the company's sustainable development through comprehensive supervision. GDS has established an ESG management structure and established a sustainable development committee. 100% of employees receive training on compliance and anti-corruption, and 100% of employees receive training on network security. The company maintains compliance and anti-corruption reviews every two years to fully ensure that the entire process of serving customers is transparent and credible.


GDS attaches great importance to the disclosure of sustainable development-related information, has long-term practice of corporate social responsibility, and created long-term value for the development of employees, customers and the entire industry.


FULL REPORT: https://www.gds-services.com/esg2020/docs/GDS_ESG_Report_2020.pdf

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