Baoneng Real Estate (宝能地产)Intends to Acquire Dr. Peng Group (鹏博士)13 Data Center Assets, Businesses and Debts

On January 29 2021, Dr Peng Telecom Media Group Co Ltd(鹏博士电信传媒集团股份有限公司)announced that the company plans to sell 13 data center related assets, businesses and liabilities to Shenzhen Baoneng Chuangzhan Real Estate Co Ltd (深圳宝能创展置业有限公司)。


According to media, the specific underlying assets of this transaction include 13 data centers, namely Jiuxianqiao Data Center, Yizhuang Data Center, Telecom Data Center (including 5 computer rooms, namely 5 data centers), Shenzhen Data Center, and Shanghai Data Center , Guangzhou Data Center, Foshan Data Center, Chengdu Data Center, and Wuhan Data Center, all involved businesses and related assets and liabilities, business contracts, and all legally transferable pre-approval documents required for the current operation of the underlying assets;

However, the final scope of the specific target assets is subject to the assets, rights and interests listed in the "Asset Transfer Agreement" or its annexes that are mutually agreed after the two parties have checked and formally signed in the future.

According to the "Framework Agreement" signed by the two parties, the two parties agreed to use the total value of the underlying assets determined in the "Appraisal Report" issued by the appraisal agency as the basis for pricing the purchase price. Within 5 working days from the signing of the Framework Agreement, the transferee shall pay a performance bond of CNY 300 million to the bank account designated by the transferor.

At the same time, the period from the signing of this "Framework Agreement" to March 31, 2021 is an exclusive period, and both parties strive to sign a comprehensive "Asset Transfer Agreement" during the exclusive period. After the expiration of the exclusive period, if both parties fail to properly sign the Asset Transfer Agreement, and one party informs the other party in writing to terminate this agreement, this Framework Agreement shall terminate immediately.

According to the data from Tianyancha, Baoneng Chuangzhan (宝能创展)is a company jointly held by Baoneng Real Estate (宝能地产)and YAO Jianhui (姚建辉). It was established on May 26, 2016 with a registered capital of CNY 50 million. The scope of business is to engage in real estate on land with legally obtained use rights. Development and operation, lease of self-owned properties, investment and establishment of industries (specific projects shall be declared separately), domestic trade, and information consultation.

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