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Xuzhou Coal Mining Group is Committed to Building a Green and Energy-Saving Data Center to Promote the Green Transformation of the Industrial Structure

Accelerating the construction of green data centers is a basic requirement to ensure the sustainability of resources and environment, and a powerful measure to further implement the strategy of strengthening the country through the Internet. In recent years, Xuzhou Coal Mining Group has accelerated the green transformation of the industrial structure, actively built an efficient, green and safe Huaihai Big Data Center, and contributed to the realization of the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".


Use the Idle Resources: Intensive and Efficient


Revitalize internal resources: utilizing the advantageous resources such as idle land after the mine closure, surplus electricity and heat, and convenient transportation, the Huaihai Big Data Center, the first green and energy-saving data center in China that utilizes power plant steam for cooling, has passed the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) data center site infrastructure. Evaluation of enhanced level (GB50174A) certification. It becomes one of the 31 data centers that have obtained enhanced certification in the country, and was rated as a "Diamond Five-star" data center by China Mobile.


Activate external markets: accelerate the development of big data resident units and the layout of resident cabinets, increase cooperation with Xuzhou Big Data Administration, Huawei, etc., and expand the influence of big data "cloud" services. In 2021, the growth rate of resident cabinets reached 280%.


Green and Low-Carbon Renew the Energy-Saving Technology


Photovoltaic power generation reduces coal emissions: the “photovoltaic + big data” is promoted. Distributed photovoltaic power generation will be developed according to the principle of "big data put into self-use, surplus power going onto grid". From the first phase of photovoltaic power generation project put into use, the power generation can meet the operation of big data cabinet, save 1320 tons of standard coal every year and reduce Carbon dioxide emissions are about 3480 tons.


Self-sufficient vapor refrigeration: there is an independent refrigeration station, which adopts the combination of steam lithium bromide unit and electric centrifugal unit for refrigeration, and perfectly combines the chiller unit and the plate replacement system. The cooling of the computer room adopts the separation of cold and hot air flow, which greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency of the equipment. The PUE value decreases by 21%, year-on-year with saving about 2.38 million yuan in electricity bills.


Standardize Management to Increase the Safety Factor


High standard design:  The modular design is adopted, and the data center, cooling station and power distribution station are independent buildings and physically separated. The internal power room, precision air conditioner, and main engine room of the Huaihai Big Data Center are physically separated. No water source enters the main engine room, and it realizes the separation of water and electricity and fully guarantee data security. The UPS adopts 2N redundant configuration. It is the only data center in China with four-way security power supply and a very high power supply security level. The continuous power supply guarantee can reach 99.999%.


High-quality operation and maintenance: Professional operation and maintenance teams such as electrical, HVAC, and weak current are responsible for the safety of infrastructure such as wind, fire, water and electricity in the computer room, and provide 7×24 hours of uninterrupted service on site. The on-site management is standardized, the response speed is fast, and the emergency service capability is strong. comprehensive security. Since the Huaihai Big Data Center was put into use, it has achieved "zero accidents" in safe operation, which has been recognized and praised by both inside and outside the industry.

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