China is to grant 5G License for commercial use

IDCNOVA news:June 3,2019,according to Xinhua News Agency,the state news agency of China,the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will grant 5G licenses for commercial use recently,which has been confirmed in the official notice on its website of MIIT.


The official notice to issue 5G license on the MIIT website

The official notice of MIIT says,with 5G stepping into crucial period of commercialization across the globe,to integrate self-developed innovation and openness and cooperation,the Chinese 5G industry has established its edge and advantage.As the unified international standard formulated by global industrial,those patents acclaimed by China has taken up over 30%in the 5G standard.In the technical experience stage,many overseas companies like Nokia,Ericsson,Intel had participated deeply.Under mutual efforts of various hands,the Chinese 5G had formed up a commercial foundation.Recently,MIIT will issue the commercialization license for 5G,China will step into the 5G era officially.Enterprises home and abroad are actively welcomed to join in the 5G network construction and promotion in China,and share the development mutually.

Ever since the crucial development of 5G in 2018,it’s hot topic on when and what kind of type that 5G commercialization license will be issued in public.

On December 7,2018,the 5G spectrum frequency of three Chinese major fundamental telco operators had been distributed and the commercialization of 5G in China had stepped into the final stage. China Telcom was distributed with 100 MHz bandwidth of 5G spectrum frequency between 3400 MHz to 3500 MHz. China Mobile was distributed 5G spectrum frequency between 2515 MHz to 2675 MHz and 4800 MHz to 4900 MHz. China Unicom was distributed with 100 MHz bandwidth of 5G spectrum frequency between 3500 MHz to 3600 MHz.

Among all spectrum frequency,to deploy 5G within 3.5GHz spectrum frequency is a good option owing to its mature industry chain,thus it’s becoming the main battle field for domestic operators. All the major fundamental telco operators of China strengthened their investment on 5G in 2019,especially in base station part.

It’s revealed that China will issue temporary 5G license in several pilot cities early this year during a interview with the state TV of China on the MIIT minister. But since the it didn’t fulfill the above proposal,it’s widely assumed to issue official license instead of temporary 5G license.

And now,with the official announcement of MIIT,China does issue 5G license this time.

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