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Trip.com joins hands with Amazon Web Services to build a innovation lab

Chinese online travel platform Trip.com announced today that it will establish a joint innovation lab with Amazon Web Services (AWS) aimed at developing new technologies to improve its services.


According to Trip.com, the joint lab will focus on five programs, including Artificial Intelligence, Flight Business, Hotel Business, International Business, and Cloud Technology.


In addition, as part of the collaboration, Trip.com leverages AWS to provide training and AWS Certifications to its employees in various fields, such as cloud computing architecture, development, operations, containers, data analysis, database, security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which will help them upskill and innovate using cloud computing.


AWS and Trip.com also collaborated to develop a four-year training plan and are expected to train approximately 2,000 employees through comprehensive training courses supported by AWS's customer service team.


In recent years, Trip.com has strengthened its cooperation with AWS, migrating more than 400 of its international business microservices to the cloud computing giant. Therefore, its flight booking system has been significantly improved and its overall memory consumption has been reduced by more than 96%.


Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Shanghai, China, Trip.com has expanded its presence worldwide, offering its services to millions of users across the globe. In November 2016, Trip.com acquired Skyscanner, an Edinburgh-based travel search engine, in a deal worth approximately $1.74 billion.

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